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State of the Union Videos Now Available!

Why is the gender wage gap still so large? Why is there so much sexual harassment, labor market discrimination, and other forms of gender inequality? If you missed our State of the Union conference, check out the videos to learn more about gender inequality in the United States.
Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society

How can we reawaken the dormant 19th-century spirit of liberal reform? In a talk at Stanford on May 17, Glen Weyl presents bold new ways to organize markets for the good of everyone. 

Pathways Magazine

The Kids Are All Right

How are our children doing? Are the doom-and-gloomers right? Janet Currie examines trends in mortality rates, teen pregnancy, drug use, and high school graduation rates to find out. 


Segregation in the United States

In this video from our online course on poverty and inequality, CPI research group leader Douglas Massey examines trends in migration and residential segregation in the 20th century.
Economics of Health Care

CPI research group leader Raj Chetty asks whether expanding health insurance coverage would improve health outcomes in this video from his course on using big data to solve social problems.

Talks and Events

Working Poverty in Germany and Israel

CPI visiting scholar Asaf Levanon explores the causes of the rising rates of working poverty in Germany and Israel.

Thursday, May 17, Building 360, Conference Room, 12pm
Race and Economic Opportunity in the United States

Using data covering 20 million children and their parents, CPI research group leader Raj Chetty explores how race currently shapes opportunity in the United States and how these disparities can be reduced.

Thursday, May 17, McClatchy Hall, Room S40, 12:30pm
Hidden Hardship: Energy Insecurity in the United States

One in three households in the United States can’t meet its basic energy needs. CPI visiting scholar Diana Hernández outlines policy options to address this hidden hardship.

Wednesday, May 23, Building 360, Conference Room, 12:30pm

Featured Research

A selection of poverty and inequality papers recently released by CPI affiliates

Inequality of Educational Opportunity? Schools as Mediators of the Intergenerational Transmission of Income
Jesse Rothstein – NBER

Marriage Markets and Intermarriage: Exchange in First Marriages and Remarriages
Zhenchao Qian and Daniel T. Lichter – Demography

Social Mobility and Stability of Democracy: Reevaluating De Tocqueville
Daron Acemoglu, Georgy Egorov, and Konstantin Sonin – Quarterly Journal of Economics

The Production of Inequalities within Families and Across Generations: The Intergenerational Effects of Birth Order and Family Size on Educational Attainment
Kieron Barclay, Torkild Lyngstad, Dalton Conley – NBER
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