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Monitoring Chronic Poverty

Is poverty chronic or transient? On March 22nd, CPI Postdoctoral Scholar Sara Kimberlin will host a webinar on this question. The results from her analyses highlight the role of safety net benefits in reducing both chronic and transient poverty. 
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Poverty and the Presidency

The standard party formulas don’t well capture the average American’s views on poverty and inequality. This disjuncture leads Andrew Gelman and Leslie McCall to ask whether there is an opening for an entirely new political platform on poverty and inequality.
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Why Is There So Much Inequality?

Mark your calendars!  On April 15th, Rucker Johnson, Emmanuel Saez, and Sandra Smith (from UC-Berkeley) join Raj Chetty, David Grusky, Pablo Mitnik, and Sean Reardon (from Stanford) for the third annual Berkeley-Stanford Conference on Inequality. This year’s featured topics: education and labor markets. 
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