Lesson One : Know Thyself

An overview of some of the lineages that have inspired our work, along with our introductory lecture and an exercise and Spagyrics to help you explore energetic balance within yourself.

Exercise: Eudaimonia, Temperance & Balance

In three of the important philosophical threads we've looked at- classic Greek philosophy, Taoism, and the more modern Kybalion- there is a theme relating to balance in life.

Rather than seeing the world in stark black and white poles of right and wrong, these wisdom teachings show us a more nuanced middle way of harmony which is a point of balance between extremes.

Aristotle describes it as eudaimonia, the Taoists call it the Tao, and the Kybalion speaks of knowing the middle point of the arc as a place of energized strength.

We think of it as temperance, that balance which is neither deficiency nor excess. Aristotle's example is a good one- on the one pole is foolhardy bravado, and on the other, total cowardice. One is not the cure for the other, each is a disharmony. True courage lies in the middle.

Later, when we study the energies of the planetary archetypes, we will revisit this idea and it will be an important key to understanding how to keep our healing and lab work on track.

For now, think about an imbalance in your life or inner being- an emotional state that troubles you, a worry or problem you struggle with, or just an energy within you that is less than harmonious.

Now, place it on a continuum, and consider whether it is a problem of too much or too little. What is its opposite pole, and where is the point of balance between them?
Micah mentioned Calamus in the lecture, useful for mental clarity and energy circulation.

Midnight Sun supports Microcosmic Orbit, and Voacanga can help you explore your energy imbalances.

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