Lesson Five : Etheric Energy Science, part One

Our studies of four important figures who have inspired and informed our work begins here with Paracelsus and Mesmer.

Paracelsus' writings are a deep source of wisdom about the energies of Nature, plants, and healing for work with Spagyrics and talismans.

Following Paracelsus' work, and adding his own insights, Mesmer developed new ways of applying subtle energies to healing, especially through magnetism.

Exercise: Magnet Hands

In this lesson's lecture, we discuss the energy attunement device Paul developed, which we call Magnet Hands, and we discuss techniques for working with the Hands to increase your sensitivity to subtle energies.

You'll first need to make a pair of Magnet Hands for yourself- click here for a tutorial and shopping list so you can get started.
Calamus opens the subtle channels and supports flow from and through you.

If you practice Tai Qi, Qi Gong, or the Microcosmic Orbit, Midnight Sun can be very supportive, while Asana aids the flow of energy through Yoga.

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