Lesson Two  : The Elements

In Hermetic philosophy, the flow of energy from the chaos of the unmanifest to the physical world is understood through the energies of the four elements.

Each manifests in turn, carrying the universal vital force as it steps down and condenses into the materials we work with.

Exercise: The Elements

For this exercise, you will connect with each of the elements in a living, dynamic way by visiting a place that carries that elemental energy and opening to the qualities of that element as expressed in that place.
For each of the four elements- Earth, Water, Air, and Fire- select a location or situation that embodies that elemental energy to you. Some examples might be a body of water for Water, a high place for Air, and so on.
Go to your chosen place and spend a few moments to settle in and center yourself. Think about why you chose this place as representative of that element, and meditate on how the qualities of this place connect to your understanding of the qualities of the element you're working with.
Also spend some time just feeling the connection and energy as it flows through you, without trying to analyze it in your thoughts. Does the elemental energy of this place connect with a particular body part or area? Feel where it is most at home in your body, and see if you can magnify its intensity there.
Work with the element in this way for a time, and then dismiss or clear its energies through deep breathing and release, movement, smudging, or any other way you practice for letting go and clearing out.
Repeat this exercise with the other elemental locations you've chosen.
For the Elemental energies, try working with Earthy Dragon Bone, Watery Waterlilies, the Air intelligence of Prana, or the Fiery heat of Propolis.

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