Lesson Six : Etheric Energy Science, part Two

Our lineage series continues with a look at Reichenbach and Levi.

Reichenbach studied people he called "sensitives", and used them as his instruments to investigate natural materials, chemistry, and the polarity of nature in a scientific way.

Levi drew on all three of the philosophers we've discussed, applying their ideas to understand the flow of universal forces of polarity in an early system of chaos magick that unified many Hermetic disciplines.

Exercise: Working with Magnet Hands

Once you have made your set of Magnet Hands as instructed in the last lesson, it's time to work with them to train your nervous system to become more sensitive to subtle energies.

The lecture for Lesson Five discussed how to start, so listen to that again here if you need a refresher. Once you've gone through the attunement process there, you can start working with them in more personal and specific ways.

Some ideas are wearing the Magnet Hands during martial arts or Yoga practice, or during ritual work or meditation. You can also try investigating materials and substances through the Hands, combining the work of Mesmer and Reichenbach.

Of course, only do this with objects that will not be damaged by the magnets or react negatively to them!

Whatever you choose to deepen your sensitivity through the Hands, be sure to follow the same basic progression through close contact and then working to feel influences from further away, using your imagination to recall and hold the feeling as you go.

Eventually, go through all the same practices again, but without the Hands on, relying solely on your imagination and sensory recall to reach the same feelings of connection, polarity, and flow.

You will be surprised by how sensitive you can become through this work, as you take it to ever more subtle levels of practice!
Your energy exercises can start becoming more targeted now.

Saffron moves energy upwards, while Astragalus Seed contains it in your core. Amber is protective- important as you become more sensitive.

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