New Trails in Hurricane.  Melrose host Single Speed Nationals!
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Welcome to The Slow Leak
Howdy, greetings from the other side of the glowing screen. Welcome to the first ever electronic newsletter from Over The Edge. You’re receiving this newsletter because at some point you bought something from one of our stores, or signed up for one of our festivals, or else we blackmailed your friends and family into giving us your email address. If this communication is something you would prefer not to receive, just click the link at the bottom of this newsletter to unsubscribe from our mailing list. But since you’re here, what the heck, why not give this a read first? I mean, how bad could it really be? We promise not to talk about politics (this week, anyway). SO, read on, friends!


I sit down at my iPad, to write to you all about Over the Edge, sitting here, I know what I want to say... Oh, wait, my iPad apparently is ready for another update, oh and my email is broken so I need to go to settings and... We all know this feeling of entrapment in a system that seems never satisfied with it's invasion of our headspace. I know it's why we ride, it's why we met and it's for dang sure what OTE stands for in my eyes.
What I would have writ... On my bike, beginning to roll into the scary rocky thing that I just didn't ride and now somehow think that I might if I could just keep myself from "chomping on my brake levers" in some uncontrollable panic that somehow supersedes my will to ride this every-time I get to the first big rock, I pick up speed and the question begs an answer, will I pull those brakes THIS time?
That's always the question; in life and in any "pushing your limits" or "over the edge" kind of sport. It's why we do this, it's why we share this and it's why I invite you to come ride with me this year, I'm at most all our events and I really wanna "dare" ya to come ride with us in Melrose South Australia, it's really cool, I promise! You come to Melrose Fat Tyre Festival and I'll shout the first round. Come ride with us and Thank You for exploring the edge, for seeking life and for living near the edge. 
Thanks for 22 years, come ride, please
Troy - Founder


What Did You Get For Christmas?

Hurricane got 5 new miles of purpose built mountain bike trail in the Quail Lake Reservoir area, bringing the total to 19 miles thus far.  We have been designing and building trail in this area for 5 years and have created a master plan for the entire area. OTE Hurricane took on the project when Doug Wilson, an acquaintance of ours from the Water Conservancy District (WCD), contacted us and needed someone to design and build trails in the area around Quail Lake Reservoir. In order to meet the requirements that the  Bureau of Land Management (BLM) set forth in the RMP, recreation trails needed to be built to keep the land permanently deeded to the WCD.
Building Trail!

  • Rhythm & Blues was the first trail to be built with volunteers. This trail comes at you fast. So put your saddle down and be ready to ride BMX style.
  • Rock & Roll was the second trail built with volunteers. Be ready for a circus ride. This trail goes from banked turn to banked turn, up and down, winding around hills and down gullies.
  • Boy Scout Trails were built with an AmeriCorp Team. These trails will challenge your technical riding abilities from all angles. The trails are rocky and have lots of fun natural rock features on the trail, as well as challenging switchbacks and built to ride in wet conditions.
  • Lakeside Trail is one the newest trails that we built with an AmeriCorp Team. We carved through some of the most brutal rocky terrain and made numerous rock bridges 6 feet or higher to cross washes. The ride is flowy with lots of twists and turns.
  • Twist & Shout is also a new trail that connects the north and south parking areas together. This is a flowy trail. We want you to have fun on the way back to your car.

Come check out the new trails for yourselves and stop by OTE Hurricane to tell us what you think. Stay tuned cause we will be building more sweet trail in this area.

Check out the new Boy Scout Trail on YouTube!

Melrose Hosts Singlespeed Nationals (and more)!

Melrose will be hosting its first mountain bike nationals event, and it’s a goodie! The Single Speed National Championships, where racing is secondary to shenanigans and carbo loading comes in a bottle. Single speed racing is less about fitness and preparation, more about character, costume and of course cogs!

Mad May in Melrose kicks off the 5th through 7th with the Single Speed Nationals held in conjunction with the Burning Bike Festival; a bicycle-fueled weekend of outfits, campfires and music. This is closely followed by a visit from the Bicycle SA “Outback Odyssey”; an overland mountain bike journey of 950-odd km from Adelaide to Blinman on the Mawson Trail. By May’s end we will being making preparations for the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival slated for the long 9th through 12th of June. This year's festival is themed RECYCLE and is supported by South Australian Tourism Commission - learning how we can make a lasting change to our planet. Feel free to drop in and get involved in any of these events. Help us make each one bigger and better than the previous!

Upcoming Mountain Bike Festivals!
March 3rd - 5th:  Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

The Sedona MTB Festival is 3-day mountain bike celebration that will include a Main Expo/Festival, Bike Demos, Shuttled Rides, a Beer Garden, great Bands and a whole lotta sweet RED SINGLETRACK! 

March 24th - 26th: Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival

What goes on at the Hurricane Mountain Bike Festival... Wake up. Drink Coffee. Eat Breakfast. Grab Demos. Meet up with new friends. Ride Bikes. Grab a shuttle! Dinner, Live Music, and Beer at the Expo. Find your way to bed. Call home. Sleep. Wake up. Repeat. Call home, tell 'em you're staying a little longer, you just heard there are four more Over the Edge locations and you gotta ride 'em all!

April 27th - 30th:  Fruita Fat Tire Festival

Join us on April 27 – 30, 2017 as we celebrate the 22nd year of this Fruita tradition; the US Bank Fruita Fat Tire Festival. Come ride miles of pristine MTB Trails, meet MTB friends from around the world and support those who support the passion, the lifestyle and the sport we all enjoy.  

June 9th - 12th:  Melrose Fat Tyre Festival

Every June Long weekend mountain bike riders from around Australia come to Melrose for the Fat Tyre Festival, some making this event their “must do ” every year! Riders love the chilled out vibe and non competitive nature of the event. They come to improve their skills, ride trails they wouldn’t normally be allowed to ride, meet new friends and enjoy all the entertainment! 

August 26th - 27th:  Meyers Mountain Bike Festival

Since 2013, the Meyers Mountain Bike Festival has taken place once a year in August in Meyers, California. Located just outside of South Lake Tahoe, Meyers sits at a great location for a handful of some of the best mountain biking in Northern California.  

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