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District Governor Jim Spanberger,, 208-861-9625
District Governor Elect Lynn Johnson,, 207-423-6118
1st VDG  Elect Kathy Donahue,, 208-866-1545
2nd VDG Elect Betty Simpson,,

Thoughts from the DG Team


From DG Jim Spanberger

Today I was riding my bike on the green belt-needed some fresh air and I was combating cabin fever. I stopped at the Anne Frank Memorial for a short break.  While reading some of the quotes from the diary of Anne Frank, I realized her family faced a long time social distancing and in confinement,hoping not to be caught by the Nazis who ruled the country of Germany. The words she wrote in her diary are so profound for today. She always saw not only the sunny side of life but a better tomorrow. When we look back at all the events like the the one we are going through now, it brings out the best in all of us. As Lions, by serving others, this is a time to let our light shine. Soon we will be back together. Thank you for all your good work. DG Jim

From DG Elect Lynn

These are very different times we are experiencing with Covid-19 affecting our lives. I spent a couple weeks vacationing in Florida. The first week was OK but everything shut down the second week, so it was, well, very different from what I was expecting. Because I flew home, I have quarantined myself for 2 weeks so if I did catch something I won't be passing it on. So far, I feel great.

The District Governor and the VDGs have held a teleconference to discuss district business. I would encourage you to check out Zoom to hold your club meetings during this times. Most of us are capable of using e-mails and most of the club's decisions can be made that way, but Zoom makes it a little more personal than an e-mail.

There are a few major decisions your club needs to finalize.  Do you have your new officers lined up yet? Have you decided how much you can afford to support Camp Hodia's LCIF grant request? Have you collected your Patriotism Essay Contest winners? Have you discussed what your club can do for your community during this virus shut down time?

I am still looking for the people to fill the District Cabinet. With the shut down, I have not had a chance to visit all the clubs I wanted to. If you would like to be a part of an exciting year in the District, I would love to hear from you.

So, in the words of Governor Jim, call your club mates to see if any of them can use your help or just to see how they are doing. The tail twisters won't fine you for not wearing your vest while you are reaching out.

I am saddened that both my training in New Mexico and the convention in Singapore have been cancelled. I am not sure how I will be inducted as Governor, but we are a fluid group, so I am confident it will happen...somehow.

Hang in there. I wish you all health. Try to be creative in the ways you step up to SERVE your communities. My door is always open-I meant to say my phone is always with me, and I will be pleased to talk to anyone in the district regarding Lionism.

1st VDG Elect Kathy Donahue

When life gives you lemons...

While I am missing visiting club meetings and attending service events, I'm using this time at home to connect by phone, Facebook, and video conference to local Lions and to Lions internationally. Never before have technology and social media been more in use than this time of social distancing.

I encourage you to use this time to develop new skills, learn more through the Lions Learning Center, collaborate on line to plan your next project, and find new ways to serve. Keep making lemonade!

Convention Highlights

Those attending the Midwinter Convention had the opportunity to hear some special presentations from the guest speakers. Lion Daniel Elkins gave two presentations about involving youth in the community in service, partnering with other organizations, using grants for funding, cyber clubs-the list goes on. We were also have to have Lion Al Hedstrom at the convention again with his presentation on increasing membership. Miss Idaho, Grace Zimmerman entertained us with stories of the Miss America competition, and told us about her platform. We also heard an emotional speech from a Camp Hodia camper's mother and all the clubs in attendance had a chance to brag about their club.

If you have photos from the convention, please share them in our Facebook group.


Diabetes Grant

Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs, also known as Camp Hodia, is teaming up with our Multiple District to improve the lives of children with diabetes. Camp Hodia has applied for a grant for $50,161 through Lions Clubs International Foundation. This money will provide Camp Hodia with updated supplies so that they can still safely serve children in need of their services. Jill Dacier, Operations Director, indicated that they have seen a 32% jump in their camp enrollment in 2019. They now need to replace old worn down supplies and add new medical and program supplies to keep up with the growth. Camp Hodia has been a great partner in helping the Lions improve diabetes awareness throughout the multiple district.

This grant from LCIF is a matching grant. Camp Hodia is responsible for raising $10,000 and the Lions are responsible for raising $10,000, bringing the total budget to $70,161.

The district governors have met and came up with an equitable way for all clubs in both districts to help support the matching funds. Between the two districts, there are 63 clubs. Each club is requested to donate $159 or more if they are able as some clubs may not have these funds in their current budget. Matching funds need to be be donated and received by District 39W before the last week in April before LCIF votes on funding the grant. 

If clubs wish to donate, the money can be sent to Patty Frison, Treasurer of District 39W at 1726 E. Stadler Ct., Eagle, ID 83616. The checks should be made out to District 39W with a notation on the memo line "For Camp Hodia."

PDG Lion Tim Vincent will be following up with a phone call or email to your club president. Please call 208-318-6176 if you have any questions. Thank you for your willingness to support this very worthy cause. We have a chance to make a substantial difference in the Lives of children with Type 1 diabetes.

Tim Vincent, Chairman-Diabetes Awareness for District 39W

Multiple District Voting

The Multiple District Convention at Sun Valley, scheduled for the first weekend in May, has been canceled. Council Chair Joyce Saunders is planning to hold voting by mail in ballot for the position of Council Chair for 2020-21 and for constitution and by-laws updates. PDG Greg Torgesen from 39E will be on the ballot for Council Chair.

According to the Lions Clubs International Constitution and By-Laws, certain additions or changes to the Standard Constitution become automatic to all Lions constitutions and should be incorporated each year. The Multiple District 39 Constitution has not been updated since 2012. The majority of the changes presented for approval are housekeeping items to bring the MD39 constitution in line with Lions International. In addition, there are 2 changes to consider unique to MD 39. One is to allow the 1st Vice District Governors to be voting members of the Council. The second is dealing with how the the International Director Fund may be used and putting a cap on the amount held in that fund. Please read the changes to be voted on at this link. The current constitution is available here, and the new proposed constitution can be found at this link with changes highlighted. 

If you have questions, direct them to District Governor Jim or Council Chair Joyce.


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List your upcoming events on our District calendar. Events on our website calendar will be summarized here. Details can be found on our website calendar.

March 21 Weiser Charter Party-CANCELED
March 28 Midvale Charter Party -CANCELED
April 3-5 VDG Training in NM-CANCELED
April 17 Parma Charter Party-CANCELED
April 18 Rupert/Rupert Syringa Charter Party
April 18 Twin Falls Trivia Challenge-CANCELED
May 1-2 Sun Valley Convention-CANCELED
July 18 Emmett Lions Show 'n' Shine
July 25 Burley Lions Spudman Triathlon



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Social Media

Join the conversation at District 39W Share and Discuss. You'll be among the first to hear news and announcements, share flyers and photos, and get your questions answered by your peers. If you're on Facebook, request to join the group. If you're in the group, add your Lion friends.

Patriotism Essay

The Essay Contest is still on! DG Elect Lynn is collecting essays from the clubs now-they were due March 22.  District 39W will send 3 essays per grade (1-6) to the Multiple District for judging.

Peace Poster

The 2020-21 Peace Poster Contest kits are now available. The theme is "Peace Through Service".  The 2019-20 winners are available on the LCI website.


MyLion, the activity reporting system has had several updates and it's now easier to report a completed activity. We still have just a handful of club reporting service activities. Presidents, secretaries, and club admins can report. It's a good time to learn the system with fewer projects taking place.

Election Results

The following Lions were elected at the Midwinter Convention in February: for the year 2020-21:

District Governor - Lynn Johnson, Caldwell Lions Club
1st Vice District Governor - Kathy Donahue, Star Lions Club
2nd Vice District Governor - Betty Simpson, Weiser Lions Club

Breaking News

The Lions International Convention has been canceled.

The Executive Officers and International Directors will continue in their roles until the next convention.  District Governors and Vice District Governors who were elected at their conventions will begin their terms as planned on July 1, 2020. The next International Convention is in Montreal in 2021.

Lions Under the Stay-at-Home Order

Now that Idaho and Oregon are under stay-at-home or shelter in place orders, how will your club serve and communicate? Will you have a meeting, continue to plan events, just stay in touch? This is an excellent time to learn some technology that will keep us together even though we are socially distancing.

Online Meeting Resources

There are several free online communication platforms that allow you to connect with audio and video. Most also offer screen sharing, conference recording, phone calls, and easy set up for computer, tablet or phone. Paid versions are also available but in most instances for Lions clubs, the free version will have the features you need.

You can also find tutorials and videos that will help you get started. There's nothing to break-just try one out and learn as you go.  Your DG team is using Zoom, and we're happy to host a meeting with you so you can see how it works.

Here are a few free communication services. Click the links to go to their websites.

Google Hangouts
Free Conference Call

Online Meeting Etiquette

In addition to etiquette for  face to face meetings, online meetings present a bit different set of circumstances. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind if you're meeting online:

Be on time
Log in and test your audio and camera before the meeting
Have an agenda and follow it
One person will be the host or moderator
Dress appropriately-you will be visible
Make sure you're in a well lighted area and check your surroundings
Limit distractions such as TV, kids, pets
Don't snack
Don't interrupt or talk over someone
Large groups may be muted--ask to speak by raising a virtual or actual hand
Identify yourself if you are not using video
Have fun and embrace the new experience

Ideas for Serving

Just because we're staying at home doesn't mean we stop serving. A group of Lions from around the country was formed through a recent webinar. Their task is to develop a list of 100 ways that Lions can serve while social distancing and staying at home. Watch your inboxes and facebook groups for the release of these ideas. Meanwhile, here are a few ways to serve:

Help your neighbors by picking up groceries or running errands
Phone your friends and Lions family to make sure they are ok, or just to chat
Don't forget the local restaurants, especially where we hold meetings. Order take out and buy gift cards.
Remember the small businesses that support us- Buy gift cards or shop online
Read a book to children through Facebook Live
Donate to food pantries
Donate to Envision and LCIF
Connect through social media with positive posts and comments
Write cards and letters to care facilities

If you haven't done so already, join our Facebook Group (Lions 39W Share and Discuss) and share your ideas.

Club Officer Elections

April is the time to elect your club officers for 2020-21. Electing your officers on time gives them the opportunity to plan for their year of service, allows them to receive information from LCI in a timely manner, helps your district complete the directory, and gives time for training. Even though you are not meeting in person, the Standard Club Constitution and By-Laws allows business and voting to be conducted using electronic means. You can use email, phone, or other means such as surveys or specialized voting platforms. Your club, your way-find a way the works for your club members. Please see LCIs info on voting during  COVID-19..

Notes from the editor

If you are a club secretary or president, it's your responsibility to share the newsletter with your club-the mailing list does not, unfortunately, include everyone.
If you are not on the mailing list and want to be added, use the subscribe link or contact me directly. Snail mail available on request.
If you have club events, news, photos, speakers, projects to share, please send to me or to your zone chair for publication. Have a flyer? Send that, too. I can't make up enough stuff to fill the newsletter, although I try.
Publication is the 10th; deadline to submit news is flexible, but end of the month is preferred. 
Comments, suggestions, complaints-always welcome!
Kathy Donahue
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