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District Governor Jim Spanberger,, 208-861-9625
District Governor Elect Lynn Johnson,, 207-423-6118
1st VDG  Elect Kathy Donahue,, 208-866-1545
2nd VDG Elect Betty Simpson,, 208-549-0299

Notes from DG Jim

As my year draws to a close as District 39W Governor, I want to thank all the members of the 39W cabinetand fellow Lions. It has been a rewarding year. As we look into the future, there will be some changes, but our motto, We Serve, will not change. I am looking forward to visiting the clubs that are now meeting again. I look ahead to help our new District Governor Lynn Johnson have a successful year.

Yours in Lionism, 
DG Jim

Update: Diabetes Grant

On May 21, we learned the exciting news that the diabetes grant from LCIF was approved! This grant will provide Camp Hodia (Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs) with much need funding for supplies as the need in Idaho increases to help out children with Type 1 Diabetes. Lions in Multiple District 39 are responsible for a cash contribution of $10,000 and Camp Hodia is also contributing $10,000. LCIF will be funding this project over the next year with $50,661. Council Chair 2019-20 Joyce Saunders will serve as Grant Administrator and DG Jim will serve as Project Chairperson. They, along with Lisa Gier, Executive Director of Camp Hodia, will be responsible to ensure conditions of the grant are met.

As our partnership with Camp Hodia grows, Lions are invited to attend the online camping events to get to know the camp better and have some fun. The virtual Snippet Camps are presented on Zoom and you can find the calendar of events listed on Camp Hodia's Facebook page or their website. (Tonight is Bingo!)

For more information or to make a pledge, contact PDG Tim Vincent, our District Diabetes Chairperson, at 208-318-6176.  Make your check out to Lions District 39W and mail to Lions District 39W, Patty Frison, Treasurer, 1726 E. Stadler Ct., Eagle, ID 83616.

Virtual Learning Continues

Lions Clubs International has webinars on various subjects every week. To participate, you only need to click the link to register and you will receive an email with instructions and a link to click at the time of the webinar. LCI uses Go To Meeting which you can download on your computer or phone. There is no cost to you and you don't need a camera or microphone. You will only be listening and watching the slides.Classes are recorded if you miss the live class. The current list of live classes and recorded classes is available at this link to the Virtual Event Center.

June 15  New Club Development Series: Getting Started
June 18  Introduction to Insights: A Reporting Tool for your Club
June 22  New Club Development Series: Promotion and Recruitment
June 29  New Club Development Series: Final Push to Charter

Recorded events you may have missed:

Lions Virtual Symposium: Learning Beyond Limits
Lions Virtual Symposium: The Next Generation of Lions (You Tube)

In addition to LCI classes, other Lions groups are hosting virtual entertainment event. You can find these events on Facebook on the page Lions Virtual Universe. Events are hosted on Zoom and any Lion can join in.

Creative Service Project Ideas

In my May newsletter article, a contest for "Creative Service Projects" was announced. While there were no ideas submitted, I will save the Weiser Classic Candy $25 gift certificate prize for another time. In the meantime, as promised, here are some service project ideas gleaned from webinars,my high school classmates, community friends, and myself that your club might be able to use in your communities. Enjoy!

1) Business of the Week (Month) - Select a local business to recognize with a poster/certificate as a valued part of your community for posting in their window. (Free publicity for your Lions Club!) Individual club members can choose to purchase a gift certificate or make a purchase at that business to show support during the recognized time, or the club can purchase the gift cards if club monies allow and then donate them.
2) Pet Shelter Project - Conduct a pet food drive and/or donate needed items.
3) Smoke Detector Project - Donate smoke detectors.(Insurance companies or the Red Cross may donate.)
4) No-sew quilts and blankets for seniors.
5) Contact senior citizens with no family near to check on them and/or run errands for them.
6) PB & J (Or granola bars) After-School Project - Some schools are making plans to reopen in the fall. Often, students are still hungry after school and would appreciate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or granola bar. We all know how teens are always hungry! This was a local project at the high school; Lions donated the PB & J. Many teens picked up extra for their younger siblings, too. It was open to all students.
7) Food Insecurity Project - Volunteering and/or donating to a local food pantry. Set up a date, time frame with the food pantry for Lions to drop off their food items with the name of your club written on the bag/box.
8) First Responders Families - Check on first responders' families to see if there's any need that you can help with. Just a phone call and knowing somebody cares is invaluable.

Ways to be of service to our own Lions Club members:

1) "TelePal" - Phone two members. Chit chat with no talk of Covid-19.
2) Secret Lion Pals - The club president draws names of club members to randomly pair off club members and contacts the individual Lions with their Lion Secret Pal's name. An individual member knows only the name of his/her own Secret Lion Pal. Secret Lion Pals can mail cards to their Lion Pal without revealing their name. When safe guidelines allow, a secret Lion revealing social can be held by the club.
3) Cards to Members - Mail cards to your fellow Lions with a friendly, "thinking of you" greeting.
4) Adopt a LEO - Mailed cards, phone calls, or gift cards are all items that could be sent either by individual Lion members or the club as a whole.
5) Adopt a Lion's Freshman/College Student - Some colleges are making tentative plans to open in the fall, and a Lion could have a family member that is heading to college in the fall. A club could send cards and a gift card care page to their adopted student

Until next time...fondly, and with Lion spirit and enthusiasm,
VDG2-Elect Lion Betty

New Editor for 2020-21

After another year of getting the 39W Newsletter out to the clubs (in an often less than timely manner), I'm excited to announce that Lion Lynne Burks will be the editor for the coming year. Lynne will also be serving as District Cabinet secretary, so she will definitely have her finger on the pulse of the district as she serves with DGE Lynn Johnson. Please send next month's news and information to Lion Lynne at and support her throughout the year.

Thank you for putting up with my reporting and my sometimes creative writing, my begging for news and photos, and my self-indulgent writing about technology. I'm looking forward to just being a contributor and fulfilling my new role as First Vice District Governor.

Lion Kathy D.


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Social Media

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New Club officers for 2020-21 are now past due to LCI. Even if you officers are staying the same, you still need to submit them. If you need assistance entering them into MyLCI, contact Lion Kathy D. for help.

Peace Poster

The 2020-21 Peace Poster Contest kits are now available. The theme is "Peace Through Service".  The 2019-20 winners are available on the LCI website.

Raffle Tickets

Boise Bench Lions are selling raffle tickets for a gourmet dinner for 10 to benefit Envision.Tickets are $50 and can be purchased by contacting Patty Frision. Just a few tickets remain!

Club Notes

How has your club been serving?  We'd love to hear about it!

Boise Bench Lions have a couple of service projects planned. They are holding a garage sale on August 15 and are cleaning up branches and debris behind the Envision owned building on Latah.

Caldwell Lions have been collecting personal hygiene items for the C of I foreign students in Caldwell and are working on plans for the Cinco de Mayo Golf Tournament which will be held in September. They awarded scholarships to 6 graduating seniors.

Star Lions held a computer/laptop drive and put up flags for Memorial Day. They are also sending care packages to Afghanistan in support of a Star police officer who was recently deployed.

Midvale Lions recognized their Patriotism Essay winners and awarded a graduating senior a scholarship to vocational school.

Parma Lions have been working in the community garden.

Emmett Lions are modifying plans for the Show 'n' Shine which will still be held the third weekend in July.

Meridian Lions picked up litter and selected recipients for the FFA Good Citizens Award.

If you need assistance reporting your service on MyLion, contact Lion Kathy D. or Lion Lynne Burks.

Notes from the editor

If you are a club secretary or president, it's your responsibility to share the newsletter with your club-the mailing list does not, unfortunately, include everyone.
If you are not on the mailing list and want to be added, use the subscribe link or contact me directly. Snail mail available on request.
If you have club events, news, photos, speakers, projects to share, please send to me or to your zone chair for publication. Have a flyer? Send that, too. I can't make up enough stuff to fill the newsletter, although I try.
Publication is the 10th; deadline to submit news is flexible, but end of the month is preferred. 
Comments, suggestions, complaints-always welcome!
Kathy Donahue
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