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We are thrilled to be entering the Autumn season with some exciting new releases! The following titles are now available for rental and purchase through

Stephanie Barber

2013, 1:25:08, United States, English, color, sound, 4:3, HD video

A portrait of risk and language, DAREDEVILS presents the experimental narrative of a writer as she interviews a well-known artist and feels the reverberations of their discussion throughout her day. Visually spare, still, and verbose, the video considers three formal handlings of language—a dialog, two monologues and a song.

Premiere: New York Film Festival, Views from the Avant-Garde, 2013
Essay: Max Goldberg, The Conversation: Stephanie Barber's DAREDEVILSCinemascope
Essay: Michael Sicinski, In a Minor Key: Two Films by Stephanie Barber Fandor
Subject Focus: Art History, Art Practice, Documentary, Creative Writing

Liza Bear 
Spring Lake

2013, 03:58, United States, English, color, silent, 16:9, DV video

A minimal, suggestive narrative about a summer trip to the Jersey Shore, fictionalized by subtraction. 

Donigan Cumming
Exit Interview

2014, 20:44, Canada, English, color, sound, 16:9 HD video

Exit Interview is a tragi-comedy about obsolescence. A shrinking community’s resident documentary filmmaker is being fired.

Subject Focus: Art Practice, Documentary, Humor, Visual Culture

Harun Farocki
Sauerbruch Hutton Architects

2013, 1:13:00, Germany, English/German, color, sound, 16:9, HD video

 "In this group portrait, the creators appear both as master rhetoricians and children playing with materials and colours. Through their changing opinions, what Farocki is questioning is nothing less than the relationships between word and matter—which inevitably finds a mirror of cinema in the renewed mystery of architectural art: producing form from discourse."
—Charlotte Garson, Cinema du Reel

U.S Premiere: New York Film Festival, Projections 2014
International Premiere: Cinema du Reel, Paris, 2014

Subject Focus: Architecture, Philosophy, Documentary, German Studies

New Works by Mike Kuchar
The prolific master of camp and cult cinema has produced a number of new titles this season, complete with demonic kisses, creeping shadows and handsome interplanetary visitors.


2014, 07:00, United States, English, color, sound, 16:9, video

Chasing Shadows

2014, 10:00, United States, English, color, sound, 16:9, video

Generation Z

2014, 08:00, United States, English, color, sound, 16:9, video

Chromatic Effusion

2014, 09:00, United States, English, color, sound, 16:9, video

Chip Lord
Venice Underwater

2013, 24:10, Italy/United States, color, sound, 16:9, HD video

This observational documentary presents Venice as a city inundated with tourists as well as periodic bouts of high water. The artist's camera seeks out moments of quietude and authenticity among the crowds and the floods.

Subject FocusDocumentary, Climate Change

Mary Patten

2014, 24:40, United States, English, color, sound, 16:9, HD video

Inspired by the notorious conference "Schizo Culture" organized at Columbia University in 1975, PANEL re-imagines the architecture of academic and political conferences, where discourse is shaped by such things as panel, podium, microphone and stage. The work conjures the spaces of incarceration and repressive institutionalization, then and now. Featuring:

  • Darrell Moore as Michel Foucault
  • Mikal Shapiro as Judy Clark
  • Matthias Regan as Howie Harp
  • Mark Jeffery as Ronald Laing
  • Sylvère Lotringer as himself
Essay: Daniel Orendorff, Mary Patten Remembers 'Schizo Culture' Art in America
Subject Focus: Art Practice, Performance, Mental Health, American History

Steve Reinke
Rib Gets in the Way

2014, 52:15, Canada/United States, English, color, sound, 16:9, HD video

Rib Gets in the Way addresses mortality, the body, the archive, and the embodiment of a life’s work. Narrated in the first person by the artist, and including hand drawn animations by Jessie Mott, the wide-ranging video incorporates an animated children’s adaptation of Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophical novel Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Premiere: 2014 Whitney Biennial, New York, NY
Subject Focus: Art Practice, Visual Art, Autobiography, Found Footage

Deborah Stratman
O'er the Land

2009, 51:40, United States, English, B&W and color, sound, 4:3, 16mm film

A meditation on the milieu of elevated threat addressing national identity, gun culture, wilderness, consumption, patriotism and the possibility of personal transcendence. Released in 2009, this striking work quickly became a festival favorite, and we are thrilled to now offer it to the public through our distribution program.

Premiere: Sundance Film Festival, 2009
Essay: Annie Buckley, All Fall Down Artforum

Subject Focus: Documentary, Filmmaking, Visual Culture, American History

Matt Wolf
Year of the Spawn

2014, 04:49, United States, English, B&W, sound, 16:9, HD video

Year of the Spawn is an archival collage inspired by the synonymous song by the “gay church folk” band The Hidden Cameras. Wolf interpreted the song as an anthem for doomed youth. Having recently finished the historical film Teenage, Wolf collected over 100 hours of archival footage featuring early 20th Century adolescents. 

Listen: The Hidden Cameras Year of the Spawn

Subject Focus: Found Footage, Music Video

Louis Hock
The American Tapes: Tales of Immigration 

03:48:02 | 4 DVDs

This four-part series revisits the life and and times of four families whose stories of "undocumented" immigration were first depicted in the 1986 series The Mexican Tapes: A Chronicle of Life Outside the LawThe new work, consisting of four one-hour episodes, affords an intimate and long-term reflection on the ways in which immigration and citizenship have shaped the lives of family members over the last three decades.

2013, 58:26, United States/Mexico, English/Spanish, B&W and color, sound, 16:9, HD video
Between job losses and foreclosures, Pancha and Cande work through the strains of their marital relationship in San Diego County.  Marisela discusses the realization of her dream to become an accountant and her conversion to Jehovah's Witness.
The American Tapes: Part Two
2013, 54:12, United States/Mexico, English/Spanish, B&W and color, sound, 16:9, HD video
Unable to raise their family as landless sharecroppers in Mexico, Ramon and Rufina came to the U.S. and flourished. Maria and her family returned to Mexico in 1983. Thirty years later, Maria's son Carlos struggles to support her, his wife, and three daughters.

The American Tapes: Part Three
2013, 56:26, United States/Mexico, English/Spanish, B&W and color, sound, 16:9, HD video
Ramon's attraction to his Mexican hometown has resulted in his building a massive new hotel in a cornfield. Carlos and Marta realize their dream of opening a convenience store, yet find that the enterprise is both a pleasure and a struggle.
The American Tapes: Part Four
2013, 58:58, United States/Mexico, English/Spanish, B&W and color, sound, 16:9, HD video
Cande and Cachuchas each desire grandchildren in their old age. After a trip to Mexico, Cande and Pancha find better jobs and move into a new house. Cande still dreams of farming his family fields in Mexico.

Ant Farm
Ant Farm Video

02:07:00 | 1 DVD
Notorious art and architecture group Ant Farm's unique vision arrives on DVD, in this release showcasing some of the group's most popular works
Subject Focus: Media Art History, American History, Visual Art
Cadillac Ranch 1974 to 1994, 1994
14:22, United States, English, color, sound, 4:3, video
Inflatables Illustrated, 1971
21:16, United States, English, B&W, sound 4:3, video
World’s Longest Bridge, 1971
24:10, United States, no dialogue, B&W, sound, 4:3 video
Dirty Dishes, 1971
08:27, United States, English, B&W, sound, 4:3, video
Off-Air Australia, 1976
20:55 United States/Australia, English, color 4:3 video
Time Capsule 1972-1984, 2003
06:17, United States, English, B&W and color, 4:3, video
Media Burn (Audio Commentary), 2003
23:00, United States, English, B&W and color, 4:3 video
During 2014, VDB is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its ongoing interview series. The following newly edited titles mark the most recent additions to the historic collection.

Ron Athey:
An Interview (2014)

Jodie Mack:
An Interview (2013)

Lynda Barry:
An Interview (2010)

Shuddhabrata Sungupta :
An Interview (2006)

Kodwo Eshun:
An Interview (2001)

Gene Youngblood:
An Interview (2006)

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