UICC invites eight young leaders to every World Cancer Leaders’ Summit to inspire them to be the leaders of the future
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World Cancer Leaders' Summit 2015
Call for Young Leaders' applications


Developing the next generation of Cancer Leaders

UICC invites eight young leaders to every World Cancer Leaders’ Summit to inspire them to be the leaders of the future


Although we know that up to 50% of all cancers can be prevented and that many cancers, if detected early, can be treated successfully, the burden of cancer continues to grow in many countries.

Delivering a reduction in cancer deaths within a generation will be challenging. We will depend on the next generation to take on the challenge – people currently under 40 who will be the leaders of global cancer control in the next two decades.

UICC calls for the participation of eight young professionals in the World Cancer Leaders’ Summit. The Summit convenes 250 selected global decision makers from UN agencies, governments, cancer/health organisations, academia and the private sector every year to discuss emerging issues related to cancer which demand a coordinated, multilevel global response.

Each of these influential groups can shape the way our generation coordinates activities to deliver the global aspiration to reduce premature deaths through cancer and the other non-communicable diseases by 25% by 2025 and inspire young professionals at an early juncture in their careers.

The participation of the new generation affords young leaders an unparalleled opportunity to build networks, observe the foreign-policy making process, and voice their generation’s viewpoints within high level circles.

Young Leaders’ profile and eligibility criteria

UICC defines a young leader as being someone who:
  • is under 40
  • is in a leadership position already, having an impact on his/her organisation
  • has a successful leadership track record in cancer control and prevention

Selection process

The selection of eight young leaders to attend the WCLS is conducted on the basis of merit to ensure the principles of equal opportunity are respected and the most capable and motivated candidates are chosen.

Apply to attend the 2015 World Cancer Leaders’ Summit
17-18 November, Istanbul, Turkey
Theme ‘Effective International Collaboration’

Application process:

  1. Full Members of UICC are encouraged to ask young leaders in their organisation (or with whom they work) to be considered as a young leader at the Summit.
  2. The nominated young leader will write a two page (up to 1,000 words) essay on ‘Effective International Collaboration’ and submit it to UICC by 30 June 2015.
  3. Essays should be accompanied by a CV/biography and letters of recommendation from their organisations and others.
  4. The essays will be reviewed by a panel of international health experts appointed by the UICC Board of Directors. The panel will evaluate the essays in relation to the theme of the Summit which:

    a. Outline a great example of international collaboration setting out the objectives of the initiative and the results which were/have been achieved
    b. Show the role played by the author in the initiative
    c. Consider the applicability of the learning from the initiative to others in the cancer community
  5. The decisions of the panel review will be communicated to all candidates on 30 July and are final.
  6. Authors of the eight best essays will be invited to attend the Summit in Istanbul – reasonable travel and accommodation costs will be covered by UICC. If anyone cannot attend then another young leader may be invited in their place.
  7. The best 15 essays will be published in a booklet which will be made available to the Summit participants and distributed to the UICC membership via email immediately after the Summit takes place.

To apply to attend the 2015 World Cancer Leader’s Summit in Istanbul, please send your 1,000 word essay on Effective International Collaboration along with your CV/biography and letters of recommendation to

The deadline to receive your application is 30 June 2015. Please note that late applications will not be considered.

For further information, please contact Mina Djordjic at

Yours sincerely, 
Cary Adams, CEO
Cary Adams
Chief Executive Officer
Union for International Cancer Control
The Summit has been carried out with the support of the International Olympic Committee
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