Wildfire Games is raising $160,000 to support development of 0 A.D., a free, open-source game of ancient warfare. Also, please welcome “0 A.D. Alpha 14 Naukratis”, the fourteenth alpha version of 0 A.D.

0 A.D. - A free, open-source game of ancient warfare

Please welcome 0 A.D. Alpha 14 Naukratis!

We're proud to present a brand-new Alpha version of 0 A.D., a free, open-source game of ancient warfare.

This version, code-named "Naukratis", includes new features such as:
  • Blacksmiths: A brand new building type for the game, complete with models for all factions. Researches attack and armor upgrades.
  • Infinite farms: A farm will now keep yielding food until the end of the match, without need to rebuild it, but with diminishing returns. Only up to 5 gatherers can work on each farm. (Veteran players will notice that more space is now required to produce the same amount of food.)
  • Game speed controls: In single-player games, change the game's speed whenever you want to.
  • Several performance improvements.
Check out the release notes for a full description.

Introducing our biggest fundraiser ever!

As you know, here at Wildfire Games, we've been working on 0 A.D. as a free, open-source project for over 4 years now.

We have made tremendous progress over the years. All of this was accomplished almost for free, depending almost entirely on volunteer work. 0 A.D. will always be 100% free, open-source, and without any in-game ads. We have established ourselves as a one-of-a-kind project, combining strategy gaming, the love of ancient history and a commitment to openness and freedom.

To support speedier development of 0 A.D., please help us raise $160,000 over the next 45 days.

In exchange, you'll get some of our amazing perks, such as soundtrack CDs, posters, and even your face on a unit in the game! This is a limited-time offer, so act soon.

For this fundraiser, your donations will be processed by one of the top crowdfunding websites, Indiegogo, and by the non-profit payments platform FirstGiving. Funds will be held for us by a US-based non-profit, Software in the Public Interest (SPI). SPI accepts donations and holds funds for many open source projects, including Debian, Drupal and LibreOffice, and also for 0 A.D.

Importantly, SPI is a tax-exempt public charity described under section 501c3 of the US Internal Revenue Code. This means that for many US taxpayers, some or all of your donation towards this fundraiser may be tax-deductible. For details, please consult your tax advisor.

If you enjoy playing 0 A.D. and believe that it matters, please help →

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

Aviv Sharon ("Jeru")
Wildfire Games


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