We want to announce that there’s been a change and JILAEE’s new Post-doc Gwen-Jiro Clochard (Post-doc JILAEE - PhD candidate at Ecole Polytechnique and CREST) will be the one leading tomorrow’s seminar.

The invitation will still be for Friday, August 5, 2022 at 11am ART/ 9am CT. The seminar is going to be hybrid so you can either join us in person at UCEMA’s building: Av. Córdoba 374, CABA. Argentina or online on ZOOM. If you’ve already signed in, you’ll be receiving the information today.

As JILAEE’s Post-doc, Gwen-Jiro will be alternating from Universidad del CEMA in Buenos Aires, Argentina and U Chicago in USA.

Tomorrow he will be presenting a research he has conducted together with Gwen-Jir ̄o Clochard, Guillaume Hollard, Omar Sene: “Low-Cost Contact Interventions Can Increase Inter-Ethnic Trust: Evidence from Senegal”. HERE you'll be able to read the abstract and the whole paper

Gwen-Jiro Clochard’s bio:I received a PhD from Ecole polytechnique in France in 2022 and am now a postdoctoral scholar at JILAEE. Starting in September 2023, I will be an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Osaka, Japan. My research interest are development and experimental economics. In particular, I use field experiments to investigate the effects of intergroup contact on trust.”

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We look forward to meeting you soon.




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