Hi, we’d like to invite you to our online seminar presented by María Kogelnik from University of Amsterdam.

ABSTRACT: The decision to persist in stratified career trajectories is often dynamic in nature: people receive performance feedback and decide whether to persist or to drop out. I show experimentally that men are on average 10 percentage points (15%) more likely to persist in an environment that rewards high performance than equally performing women who received the same feedback. About one-third of this gap is attributable to gender differences in beliefs about the future; In the laboratory as well as a classroom field study, men are more confident about their future performance even when compared to women who performed equally well and are similarly confident about their past performance. Findings suggest that another 30% of the gender gap in persistence is attributable to men seeking, and women avoiding exposure to additional feedback.

Read the paper HERE.

Short Bio: Maria Kogelnik is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Center of Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making (CREED) at the University of Amsterdam. She is an experimental and applied microeconomist and earned her PhD in Economics at UC Santa Barbara in June 2022.


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