January 29th, 2017
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In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said reporter jobs were on the decline, and will decrease by nine percent by 2024. That same year, the BLS also said that about two in three writers were self-employed.

Freelance writers don't all get inundated with as many pitches as full-time reporters do, but many find it difficult to stay on top of communications from their various editors and publicists trying to get coverage. Based on her past experience as a full-time freelance reporter, Nicole Fallon Taylor has a few things PR pros should know before they pitch a freelance journalist.

Read on for more, plus some other popular blogs from the past few weeks.


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Muck Rack's Top Blog Picks

3 important things to know before you pitch a freelance journalist

Before hitting send on that pitch, here's what PR pros should know before reaching out to a freelance journalist. (Tweet it)


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The rise of the citizen journalist

Social media has crept its way into public relations strategies over the past few years. Regardless of what side of the spectrum you’re on, social is here and it’s offering you more access to your target audience than ever before.
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PR pet peeves: Even more IRL examples from a freelance journalist

When Samantha Rea first wrote about her PR Pet Peeves, she thought it would be a one-off. But six months later, she has a new stack of irritating (yet avoidable) experiences to share. (Tweet it)

Stop making these common mistakes in your PR and media outreach

It’s no secret the relationship between PR professionals and the media is far from perfect. But just like any good relationship, communication is key. (Tweet it)

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