July 13th, 2016
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Life as an episode of Punk'd


Chief Brexiteer Boris Johnson has been named foreign secretary in the cabinet reshuffling of the newly anointed prime minister Theresa May, securing our belief that this year is just one long series of facepalms (at 4,100+ shares so far). Or as The Guardian put it, May "makes a bold statement" by appointing Johnson. And what a statement it was. In the U.S., the State Department's spokesman almost lost it when he learned of Johnson's new job ("You can almost hear the internal screams and/or laughter," snarks BuzzFeed's Lisa Tozzi). Germans seemed equally confused ("Just informed two German diplomat friends of Boris Johnson's appointment. Both thought I was joking. ... This isn't a good start," asserts The Economist's Jeremy Cliffe). And then, of course, there was the reaction from within England itself, especially that of one Labour MP Angela Eagle. "Angela Eagle's basilisk stare on being told Boris has been made Foreign Secretary is /almost/ as good as mine," points out one user. To better understand why everyone is so incredulous, please enjoy this short history of Johnson insulting foreign leaders

Continuing the fun, Metro beautifully skewers the everyday sexism of spousal media coverage with their headline Theresa May's hubby steals the show in a sexy navy suit as he begins life as First Man. "This is how we're suppose to talk about political spouses, right?" muses Ora Szekely.

Checking in on American politics, The New York Times surprised pretty much everyone by reluctantly agreeing that Donald Trump is right about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. "This must have been tough for the Times ed board to write, since it amounts to: RBG is bad — just as Trump now," concludes LinkedIn's John Abell. "More generally this @nytimes editorial makes an excellent read on the relation between judges and politics," argues Ferdinando Giugliano at La Repubblica. Parodying those who were quick to side with Notorious R.B.G., Chicago Tribune's Charles Johnson tweets, "Yah but she is so badass get it girl lol i have no legal training." Meanwhile, BuzzFeed boasts one hell of a get in an exposé on documents raising disturbing questions about detainee abuse under Obama. "If you think BuzzFeed is just cat gifs and listicles, kindly go f**k yourself," advises ZDNet's Zack Whittaker. At the same time, CNN reveals that Sean Hannity flew Newt Gingrich to a Trump meeting whereas Politico tells us Donald Trump visited Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's home this morning. "As Trump mulls VP pick, his top advisers are split. Manafort wants Pence (anyone but Newt); Kushner pushes Newt," reports Eli Stokols at Politico.

Question of the day


Our last question asked: What A-list actor is receiving accolades for her guest post in the Huffington Post, and why? That would be Jennifer Aniston, who finally confronts perpetual paparazzi speculation in writing, "For the record, I am not pregnant. What I am is fed up."

Congratulations to Tricia Tongco at Attn for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to Whitney Friedlander (who adds "And she's 100% right"), Mark EdwardsCharlotte LoBuonoKimMic (who notes Aniston "is, understandably, over being looked up & down"), Lindsay CiullaMark Gibbs (who sarcastically asks, "So, she's really not pregnant?"), Ron Casalotti (who quips that Aniston is sick of "the amount of womb the tabloid press is taking up in her privates life") and Sara Jacobson for all answering correctly, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: The Holocaust museum wants people to stop doing what?

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Featured journalist: Shannon Gausepohl


Today we'd like to shine the spotlight on Shannon Gausepohl, a staff writer covering startups, workplace, and careers for the Business News Daily. Gausepohl has also been a full-time journalist at the South Jersey Sun, covering multiple towns, including Cherry Hill, Marlton and Medford and has worked as a social media consultant, spending two years in public relations before starting off as a freelance writer for the BND. In her spare time, Gausepohl can be found at Pure MMA doing Brazilian jiu jitsu (blue belt), reading, at the beach with family in South Jersey, and spending time with her new husband Doug and their Blue Heeler mix, Tucker. Congrats, Shannon!

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Job of the Day
CNN Diversity Fellowship


Digital journalists from diverse backgrounds with experience reporting for mobile and social platforms are encouraged to apply for the CNN Diversity Fellowship at ONA16! Four winners will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the ONA conference in Denver Sept. 15-17 - including complimentary registration, roundtrip economy-class airfare to ONA16, and four nights’ lodging at the Hyatt Regency Denver from Sept. 15-17. Click here for more information on requirements and how to apply!

Career Updates
Journo job moves for Wednesday


Your career moves to know for today: 

  • Telemundo Denver welcomes Erasmo Provenza (at right) as its new sports anchor. This is Erasmo’s first anchoring gig in the U.S., having just arrived from Meridiano Televisión in Venezuela, where he was also a sports anchor.
  • This Friday Catherine Clifford will depart for CNBC, donning the mantle of senior entrepreneurship writer beginning August 1. Clifford has been a senior writer for Entrepreneur since 2013.
  • The New York Times names Marc Lacey national editor. Lacey has been a foreign correspondent based in Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean.
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