January 7th, 2016
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"In Missouri, sex is a gift," realizes Kansas City Star's Steve Kraske, sharing the news that a new Missouri bill seeks to define sexual relations between lobbyists and lawmakers as a gift (at 700 shares and climbing). "Amazing new twist on ethics laws: sex between a legislator and lobbyist could be reported as a gift," Atlas Obscura's Sarah Laskow puts it another way. "How would this go in Albany?" wonders Wall Street Journal's Josh Dawsey. "Good thing don't have to attach $$ value," muses Eve Byron. Yeah, that could add an extra layer of awkward.


In other trending news, Saudi Arabia is considering an IPO of Aramco, which is possibly the world’s most valuable company. "If there was ever a time to dust off the cliche "game changer," I think this classifies," points out SNL Energy's Bryan Schutt. Meanwhile, New York is gearing up to appoint a monitor to review police’s counterterrorism activity. "BREAKING: NYPD will get civilian oversight of intelligence operations, to settle lawsuit of Muslim surveillance," details Matt Apuzzo with the New York Times. Plus, an exclusive from the Daily Beast reveals lawyers went to Mayor Rahm Emanuel then quashed the Laquan McDonald video. "This isn't a smoking gun, but it's close. It proves Rahm's lawyers — who briefed him — knew what the video showed," explains Politico's Peter Sterne. And last but not least, we invite you to glimpse China's 29 minutes of chaos as stunned brokers raced to sell share prices going into free fall. Or as Bloomberg's Richard Frost puts it, "China's hyperspeed stock market crash: how to go bust in 29 minutes."


Question of the day


Our last question asked: The Wall Street Journal has just discovered the joys of watching what? A particularly problematic bridge shaving the tops off trucks.

Congratulations to Jeanne Kirk for being the very first to answer that! Honorable mentions go out to these fine folks for answering correctly, as well: Craig PittmanCarrie GrayMark Gibbs, Ken Walker (who now has a new fave WSJ stippled hedcut), and Ron Casalotti (who described it simply as the bridge "collecting Box (truck) Tops." Also, shout outs to Nicole Schuman for guessing "Snapchat" and Margo Howard for guessing "the clock." Those work, too, we think.

As for today's question, here it is: The Gothamist floats the possibility that all these viral rat videos can be traced back to what possible source?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Career Updates
Journo job moves for Thursday


Your top career news this morning:

  • On Jan. 19, Megan Greenwell joins New York Magazine's The Cut as its inaugural features editor. Read all about it here.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the industry:

  • The Baltimore Sun welcomes Brittany Britto as a features reporter, covering local arts and entertainment news. Britto joins from Capital News Service, where she served as a multimedia reporter.
  • Jonathan Oosting joins the Detroit News covering Michigan politics and the State Capitol. Oosting most recently was a state government reporter for MLive.
  • Molly Mulshine is now senior editor at Galore Online. Mulshine joins from Tech Insider, where she was a senior digital culture editor.
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