September 28th, 2016
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That Debate Tho 



CNN reports that this week’s debate may have been the most-watched in U.S. history. Brian Stelter, who wrote the piece, tweeted, “Last night's debate was far higher rated than the first debates in 2008 and 2012.” He added: “Important detail: there was no dramatic ratings drop-off between 9 & 10:40pm. Viewers were glued to entire #debate.” Which, wow.

Jonathan Mahler at the New York Times watched the debate, but he writes I Muted Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton During the Debate. I Still Knew the Score. Quoting the piece, Ashley Parker tweeted: "It is no surprise to learn that Trump is loud even w the sound off."

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump has a new debate strategy: “Practice, Practice, Practice.” Blake Hounshell tweeted, “Looks like Trump’s aides are blaming the candidate for not practicing harder.” While Shirley Zilberstein wondered, “Could it land him at Carnegie Hall?”

And in other election news, the Times published Shamed and Angry: The Beauty Contestant Donald Trump Mocked for Her Weight. Michael Barbaro, who contributed to writing the piece, called it, “The story behind ‘Miss Piggy.’”

While elsewhere in the Times, we learn that it’s because “Trump is off balance & on the defensive,” at least according to how Alex Burns tweeted that story.

In other election news

The Arizona Republic endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying she’s the only choice to move America ahead. Dan Nowicki at the National Political Reporter pointed out, “For the first time ever, The Arizona Republic endorses a Democrat for president.” While Bill Goodykoontz pointed out that it’s been “since 1890.”

And from Morning Consult, we learn that Half of Likely Voters Say Clinton Bested Trump in the Debate.

While at the Washington Post, Philip Bump warns That viral image showing #TrumpWon starting in Russia is probably fake.

What else is going on in the world?


From the United Nations, the New York Times reports that Russia was involved in shooting down Malaysia Airlines Flight 16 over Ukraine, to which Jason Pontin said, “But I was told deploring Russia was the neo-McCarthyism.”

The BBC confirmed it, citing a Dutch-led investigation.

Speaking of hackers, BuzzFeed reports that The White House Asked Congress To Keep Quiet On The Whole Russia Hacking Thing, courtesy of Ali Watkins’ “late-night scoop.”

Also from the Times, there’s an article about how Defending Against Hackers Took a Back Seat at Yahoo. This story comes in light of last week’s hacking revelation. Runa A. Sandvik explains,  “Yahoo's execs allegedly slow to invest in security, including intrusion-detection mechanisms for production systems.” While Hakan Tanriverdi just wrote, “Well, this one burns.”

And in other tech news, Propublica has a feature on What Facebook Knows About You. Rasmus Nielsen explains, “Algorithms are often black boxes. @propublica doing experiments to help us see inside.”

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