February 3rd, 2016
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News to know


"Yikes. The Intercept got Glassed (Blair'd?)," quips Canadaland's Jesse Brown, reacting to The Intercept's recent, unpleasant discovery: a "pattern of deception in the actions" of a reporter (at 1,400+ shares for the mo). "Man, now they're rebooting 'Shattered Glass'? Get some new ideas, people," similarly quips Jonathan M. Katz. "Whenever a journalist makes up sources I'm always reminded of how easy it is to get away with fraud in our industry," observes freelance journalist Alexis Sobel Fitts. "Even set up fake email in editor's name," points out The Australian's David Crowe. "I’ve asked @JuanMThompson for his side on this. But this, as described here, is unforgivable for a journalist," concedes Jamil Smith at The New RepublicKashmir Hill with Fusion calls it an "Editor's nightmare at The Intercept" while Knight and ICFJ International Journalism Fellow Raymond Joseph praises The Intercept for apologizing "unequivocally & accepting responsibility." Freelancer Carlton Purvis agrees "This practice in journalism is common. The publication calling it out like this is not." At DeadspinBarry Petchesky concludes, "As always, it takes more time and effort to prop up the lies than to actually do the work." Irony at its finest. By the way, the comment section of The Gawker'wrap-up on the scandal was actually edifying.


Autopsies revealed NFL great Ken Stabler suffered from stage-three chronic traumatic encephalopathy, alias C.T.E., the degenerative brain disease that's reportedly caused by repeated blows to the head. "How many more of my childhood faves will I have to read about like this?" wonders Houston Chronicle's Ronnie Crocker. But it's the week of the Super Bowl, and what could possibly halt Roger Goodell’s unstoppable football machine, the "sanctum of a highly successful megachurch marrying ESPN and Scientology?" Washington Post's Dan Zak advises, "As you read, keep in mind that until last year the NFL was tax-exempt, and thus subsidized by every citizen." Elsewhere in controversy, a Chicago professor resigns amid sexual misconduct investigation. "My story on an ugly incident of sexual misconduct in academic science & the broken system that failed to prevent," shares author NYT's Amy Harmon, who later adds, "Not my focus here but wtf is up with these academic dept retreats where heavy student-faculty drinking is routine?" 


From abroad comes the terrible news that the Taliban boasts of gunning down a child militia hero in Afghanistan. "The Afghan gov paraded him as a hero. The Taliban shot him as a 'stooge'. He was 10-yrs old," details independent journo Mujib Mashal. His name was Wasil Ahmad.

In American politics, Rand Paul is dropping out of the White House race. "A few takeaways: ISIS and Trump were developments that Rand and team didn't see coming," explains Politico's Daniel Strauss, later continuing, "And Iowa was seen as pivotal for Rand, 5th place showing didn't quite hit the mark for Paul to continue the campaign." Meanwhile, Donald Trump is still smarting from his loss to Ted Cruz, tweeting that Ted Cruz stole Iowa illegally - before quickly deleting the "illegally." And Pajiba's Courtney Enlow pens a passionate all-caps explosion of feelings regarding the liberal backlash against Hillary, which freelancer Tyler Coates tweeted and warned "putting this here for @krucoff and slowly backing away from my computer."

Question of the day


Our last question asked: Seal (along with the NFL) just released a video featuring what? That would be Super Bowl babies from throughout the ages, which are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Hope your Super Bowl 50 is just as good to you!

Congratulations to communications expert Paul Snyder for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to Hiram ReisnerCraig PittmanJason HenselDan Rosenbaum (who wonders "Were any of them named 'Nacho'?"), Carrie GrayKen WalkerJayna WallaceKelly Phillips Erb (who adds "And they are adorable"), Ron Casalotti (who notes "Apparently, a 'Kiss from a Rose' is a gateway to post victory sex"), Robin Tierney, (who thinks it's "Scary" that "parents indoctrinated them in pro football when they were babies"), Lucia A. Walinchus (who calls it "buckets of cute"), Cindi LashMarilyn ParelGerges ScottMartin BerlinerShawn L AndersonLizzy Shaw and Mark Gibbs for all answering exactly correctly, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: What's the absurd trend-of-the-day story (for men this time) that's just been showcased by the New York Times?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Featured journalist: Fabian Garcia


Today's spotlight falls on Fabian Garcia, a freelance entertainment writer based out of Sacramento, CA. Garcia covers anything and everything pertaining to art and creativity, contributing to such publications as the Daily DemocratThe Sacramento Bee and SF Weekly. You'll find samplings of his work showcased here in his Muck Rack portfolio, where you might like to start with "Soul Singer Lee Fields is Just as Relevant Now as He Was 40 Years Ago" or "KYLE Might Be Rap's Next Big Name."

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