October 12th, 2016
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The One Thing You Should Never Ask a Reporter Prior To An Interview


PR Professionals can't be blamed for looking out for their clients. But there are some clear boundaries for journalists that PR Pros must respect. Here's one of the biggest.

Trump Vs Women: Women Are Fighting Back at the Polls


Another day, another story accusing Trump of illicit, aggressive sexual behavior against women. The latest item comes from Buzzfeed's Kendall Taggart, Jessica Garrison, Jessica Testa and continues to test our collective

expectations of a presidential candidate and an election cycle as a whole: "Teen Beauty Queens Say Trump Walked In On Them Changing." Though such actions would be inappropriate regardless of the women's ages, the fact that the victims were, as CNN's Paul Begala puts it, "Teenagers, people, teenagers," does add even more creepiness to an already unsettling series of stories around this theme of Trump's unwanted sexual advances and invasions.

One piece of good news is that women are fighting back where it counts most this Fall - at the polls. In a story by 538's Nate Silver called, "Women Are Defeating Donald Trump," there is a graphic revealing what the electoral map would look like if only women voted. "Saving the country again," tweets journalist Deborah Blum.

In other news you should know:

Donald Trump's in hot water with more than just the average American female voter. NBC's Leigh Ann Caldwell reports that two major GOP donors are asking Trump for their money back." The Observer's John Schindler isn't terribly surprised: "If you go to war with the #GOP, your OWN party, things happen."

Let's check in on how the United Kingdom is coping with the Brexit vote... Oh, the pound's is at a 168-year low, according to the Financial Times' Mehreen Khan? Scratch that, says FT's Robin Wigglesworth, "at least" a 168-year low? So it could be even worse?

The New York Times' Frank Bruni echoes what many are thinking and saying: "I don't need daughters or a wife to find Donald Trump appalling. I just need a conscience."

Russia is in the news this election perhaps more often than in any race since Reagan, and the latest has nothing to do with hacking or alleged Trump ties but is about something much more...puffy: "A New Weapon in Russia's Arsenal, and It's Inflatable" is the title of a New York Times piece by Andrew Kramer on what he calls "the ultimate in soft power: a puffy MiG."

And finally, in a development likely considered unheard of just a few months ago, the state of Utah is in play for the Democrats, according to a poll cited by the Deseret News showing Trump and Clinton in a dead heat in the Salt Lake State. And nipping at their heels within the margin of error is an Independent whom many had never even heard of until yesterday. USA Today's Jill Lawrence calls it "The Evan McMullin moment. Former CIA agent, House GOP policy director & BYU alum could win Utah."

Question of the Day

Here's yesterday's question: President Obama discussed traveling to Mars in an op-ed this morning on, so we've got space on the brain. Mars has two moons. So we want to know the names of the moons AND what they’re named after.

Answer: Phobos (fear) and Deimos (panic) are the Red Planet’s two small moons. They are named after the horses that pulled the chariot of the Greek war god Ares, the counterpart to the Roman war god Mars.

Congrats to Mark Poepsel, Assistant Professor at SIU-Edwardsville for coming up with the correct answer most quickly. An honorable mention goes to @okshaleila.

Today's question of the day is...

Today is National Farmer's Day, and while we don't usually think of "farmers" when we think of corporate takeovers, 2016's biggest corporate takeover is poised to be the acquisition of a certain agricultural business you've almost certainly heard of. Who are the two companies involved in the deal and what is the supersized asking price?

Ahsan Chaudhary


Even in non-election years, it's easy for Americans to forget that the world is much much bigger than what happens in November throuhout the 50 states. Thank goodness then for freelancer and Diplomat Magazine contributor Ahsan Chaudhary who is among the best reporters covering what is - and has been for many years - one of the most serious diplomatic and military conflicts in the world: India and Pakistan. Some of his latest pieces include, "Why Do Coups Happen in Pakistan?", "Real Blood, Unsubstantiated Allegations: Was India's RAW Really Behind the Quetta Attack?", and "Pakistan's Black Day." Reading just a few paragraphs of Chaudhary's work will send you down a rabbit hole as the layers of this fascinating and often terrifying conflict peel away to reveal one of the most dramatic ongoing news stories always nobody in America talks about.

Keep up the great work, Ahsan!

Career Updates
So long, HuffPost Exec Editor


Huffington Post's Executive Editor Liz Heron is "leaving the organization after being appointed the newsroom's second-in-command," reports Poynter. On Facebook, Heron says among her next adventures will be "consulting for the Knight Foundation." Best of luck!

And in what might be the most year's talked-about media move, Billy Bush is out at the TODAY Show after he was caught on tape with Donald Trump laughing about sexual assault.

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