October 30th, 2016
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When it comes to journalists, there are some definite boundaries in place for the PR pro.

But recently, a journo sat down with Tim O’Brien of O’Brien Communications to discuss one major line that’s being crossed by more and more PR practitioners. Read on to learn the one question you should never ask a reporter prior to an interview and catch up on some of the top picks from the Muck Rack blog.

WEBINAR: How the WSJ sources news and covers the elections

How are journalists sourcing news on big events like the upcoming elections using social media and other new technologies?

On Tuesday, November 1, from 1-2 p.m. ET, Muck Rack’s CEO Greg Galant will be joined by The Wall Street Journal’s Community Editor Todd Olmstead and Social Media Editor Natalie Andrews, to discuss how the WSJ is using unique methods to source and distribute news content in a quick and effective manner, with a focus on news around the upcoming elections.

Key takeaways:
  • How journalists find and evaluate sources
  • How newsrooms are breaking news faster than ever before
  • Reporting news using social media
Learn more about the guests and sign up for this free webinar!
Muck Rack's Top Blog Picks

The one thing you should never ask a reporter prior to an interview

It’s common for a PR pro to prepare prior to an interview, but that does not include crossing this boundary with a journalist. See what Tim O’Brien says is a big “no-no” for practitioners.  (Tweet it)

An oath to PR professionals everywhere

No matter what we’d like to think, PR pros are not miracle workers. In this oath, Gini Dietrich reminds us (to remind our clients) that media relations is just a tactic, not a PR strategy, and overnight success is but a dream. (Tweet it)

Four habits PR pros need to ditch

The public relations profession is booming. But, as we grow in numbers, PR pros need to keep their skills sharp. Michelle Garrett lists a few habits we need to break to stay on our game.  (Tweet it)

How media & PR react to a crisis in the age of information overload and Trump

A crisis has always brought out lots of angst. But today, crises move at warp speed – fueled by social media. Andrew Blum presents a few lessons we can learn from the modern crisis lifecycle. (Tweet it)  

How to get media attention when you have nothing to say

After the initial buzz for a growing startup dies down, it’s tough to keep a steady stream of media coverage coming. Jane Callahan has a few tips for scoring coverage when you’re between big announcements. (Tweet it)

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