November 8th, 2016
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Final grades

Today's the day! All the leaks, lies, attacks, and accusations of this especially brutal, deceitful, and all-around ugly election have come down to this. After you vote, make sure to kick back with a "mazel tov cocktail" followed by a very long nap. You've earned it, journalists of America.


So says BuzzFeed's Chris Geidner after a Nevada judge dismissed a lawsuit by Donald Trump whose lawyers tried to argue that the Clark County registrar should not allow polling centers—especially in areas where lots of minorities live—to be open later than planned, according to CNN. Many journalists watched the proceedings unfold in a livestream, with folks like Business Insder's Brett LoGiurato calling it "Riveting TV"—especially the part where the judge dismissed assurances made by Trump's lawyer that no one will be harassed at polling places by asking incredulously, "Do you watch Twitter?"

Speaking of which...

The Nation's Ari Berman posted to Twitter photos that appear to show Trump supporters "blocking entrance to polls & intimidating voters in Coral Springs, Florida."


In other news:

How long did you wait in line to vote today? At the New York Times, Emily Badger reports on the long-term consequences of long voting lines which disproportionately impact "minority voters and urban voters." ProPublica's Terry Parris Jr calls it  "kind of like waiting in line at roller coaster: either everyone loves it so much or it's broken."

There are long lines and then there's this: CNN's Ray Sanchez has the story of a pregnant Colorado woman who, after going into labor, made sure to swing by her polling center on the way to the hospital so she could cast her ballot before giving birth. "Turning out the in-labor vote!" jokes The Week's Alex Dalenberg.

Urban Outfitters: where "misinforming pseudo-hipsters about voting never goes out of style" says ThinkProgress' Judd Legum.

What's the "most LA thing ever," according to Gizmodo's Matt Novak? "Apparently by entering my polling place I'm agreeing to be filmed for something called 'Booty Queens'"


All election season, Washington Post reporter and journalistic hero David Farenthold has been searching high and low for evidence of the "tens of millions" Trump claims to have given to charity. Now that Election Day has arrived, Farenthold submits his final tally: Just a 2009 donation to the Police Athletic League between $5,000 and $9,999 (though even that might be a "book-keeping error").


And finally, your "journalism about journalism" piece for the day comes from Kristin Hare and Alexios Mantzaris at Poynter who interviewed 20 industry colleagues and media analysts on how the 2016 election changed politics reporting forever.

That includes Washington Post cartoonist Ann Telnaes who lamented that too many journalists "giggled their way through Trump interviews" and NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen who gave the media two letter-grades this season: A "B" and a "WTF."


Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: "Which president defeated his opponent on Election Day in the biggest landslide in US history (by popular vote percentage margin)?"

Answer: Warren G. Harding. Props to Craig Pittman who knew the president's name, his opponent's name, the year, and even the margin of victory. (James Cox, 1920, 26.17%)

This must have been a tough one because Pittman was not just the first but the only person to answer correctly. In that case, we'll give the honorable mention to Lucia Walinchus who answered Calvin Coolidge, who won by the second largest margin despite being considered by many scholars and laypeople alike as being one of the country's worst-ever presidents.

Your question of the day for today is...

Many predict Hillary Clinton to become the first woman elected to be President of the United States today. But she'd hardly be the first woman elected by her people to be a country's head of state. Who was?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow!

Kiesha Frue


Freelance writer Kiesha Frue calls herself an "obsessive." And indeed, she's not afraid to dig deep with a story, no matter whether the topic is mental health or "market automation."

For more on Frue and her work, check out her Muck Rack page. Keep up the good work, Kiesha!

Career Updates
Bye Bye, Bill

HBO has cancelled Bill Simmons' highly-anticipated show, "Any Given Wednesday," citing poor viewership. Simmons had a large loyal fan base while at ESPN but as the New York Times puts it, that audience simply didn't follow him to HBO.

Meanwhile, Politico has a new Executive Editor, hiring the New York Times' deputy Washington bureau chief for digital, Paul Volpe to replace Peter Canellos.

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