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November 2014
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Parks With Benefits: How Neighborhood identity factors into planning a socially productive park

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks' Executive Director Steve Faber knows these are big questions. However, although he says they are questions that admittedly sound a bit "metaphysical" for a conversation about parks, he also thinks they're the kind you find at the heart of most transformational public spaces. The kind that work in balance of research-based strategic planning, and the kind he, alongside the Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department and Advisory Board, hopes to find some answers for through a series of eight neighborhood design workshops they will continue to host through Nov. 8.
Read the whole story that origianlly ran in Rapid Growth Media in October

Learn more about these parks and stay up to date on the planning process that runs through November.

Other news

With the end of October, we celebrate another successful year participating in National NeighborWoods Month.  With the help of hundreds of volunteers, we planted over 180 trees this month to benefit our parks, streets, and neighborhoods. 

Numerous studies have recently highlighted the benefit of community sponsored tree plantings.
A Yale University study in 2013 highlighted that trees have higher survival rates and tend to grow and establish more quickly when planted by community volunteers. Moreover, a growing body of research is connecting trees, and tree planting, to human health, wellbeing, and community cohesion.

Thank you to all the neighbors, businesses, associations, and groups that made this month of celebrating and caring for trees possible. 

Some of friends, (and tree planting volunteers) from the Image Shoppe and Essence Restaurant Group came up with this awesome Cocktail Recipe Book, with proceeds supporting Friends of GR Parks and Local First.

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