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 October 2013


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October is National NeighborWoods Month

October is National NeighborWoods month; a chance to celebrate trees in your community. Across the nation, volunteers and citizens have the opportunity to find numerous events and plantings in their community.  Last year alone, NeighborWoods, organized by the Alliance for Community Trees, included nearly 300 cities, and planted nearly45,000 trees throughout the United States

NeighborWoods MonthThis year, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks (FGRP) has listed several events for NeighborWoods. We hope to get large groupings of the Greater Grand Rapids community involved.  With the active support, drive, and enthusiasm of our volunteers, we can make this year even better than last year!

If you cannot make it to one of the sponsored events, please just get out there and plant a single tree on your own!  
We hope to see you at one of our NeighborWoods events this month.

MLK Tree Orchard Planting            
Martin Luther King Park                      October 12, 10a

Brewers' Grove Tree Planting
Riverside Park                                        October 17, 4p

Tree Planting & NeighborWoods Celebration 
Riverside Park                                        October 26, 9a

Check out the calendar for more events.

Thank You!

  What an amazing month of great volunteers and park enthusiasts coming out to support our public spaces!Brewery Vivant Plants Trees

Special thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that contributed over 1,000 volunteer hours in September to spruce up our parks and public spaces!

September 13 - Day of Caring Volunteers at Roosevelt, Mary Waters, Highland, Lookout, Belknap, Coit, Richmond, Garfield, Riverside, Westown Commons, Lincoln, Mulick, Wilcox, Plaster Creek, and Huff Parks.
September 23 - Amway Group at Roosevelt Park
September 24 - Group at McKay Jaycee Park
September 25 - Group at Garfield Park
September 28 - Tree Planting at Richmond Park

Day of CaringIf you want to volunteer, set up a neighborhood Parks
Alive Leadership (PALs) for your local park,  or sponsor park improvements, please contact our Project Coordinator.

Historic Parks Ballot November 5th

YesGRParks On November 5th, the citizens of Grand Rapids will be asked to vote for a short-term property millage that will annually generate nearly $4 million in dedicated funding to repair and improve our neighborhood parks, playgrounds, and pools.

By fixing our neighborhood parks, we will strengthen our community and provide our children with safe and healthy places to play, learn, and grow.

The Friends of Grand Rapids Parks has officially endorsed the Yes! GR Parks campaign, and we are joined by many other groups and individuals that see this as a smart investment for our future.
Please consider helping the Yes! GR Parks campaign and the organizing committee Neighbors for Parks, Pools & Playgrounds (NP3) the next few weeks. 

Visit to learn more, volunteer, download a window sign to show your support, or donate
.Yes GR Parks

Here are some additional resources if you want more background information on the state of our parks and this specific ballot measure.

Grand Rapids Kicks Off Parks Millage Campaign- WZZM

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks Resources page

Parks Ballot Frequently Asked Questions - City of Grand Rapids

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks Statement on the Yes! GR Parks campaign


Steve Faber
Executive Director

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