Why I love Pentecost

At the beginning of this year I did a lecture at Bible School on the Holy Spirit. A gentleman came to me afterwards, he was fuming, literally shaking because he thought what I had said was blasphemous. What had I said that was so offensive? 

I had told the class that the Holy Spirit is as much part of the Trinity as Jesus and the Father and that He is often viewed as the servant, but He is also God and is worthy of worship. 

I love the Holy Spirit, and I have learnt not to apologise for that. I love Jesus and the Father equally and understand that they all have their own role and function in the Trinity. 

Why do I love Him? Because He has been there for me every step of my life since I was born again, in fact even before that in leading me to salvation. He has been my comforter, He has been my guide, He has encouraged me, strengthened me when I am weak. He has also done amazing things around me, from healing people, to salvations, to turning situations. I have been blown away by His love and power and so when other people are embarrassed at times by things He may do, or when people try and limit Him because they view their wisdom as better than His. I just respond saying, "Holy Spirit, thank you for coming, thank you for journeying with me, Leading me to Jesus and the Father. Thank you for speaking to me." And so this is why I love Pentecost, because like Christmas is to Jesus, Pentecost is a time when I celebrate Holy Spirit and His role in my life.

How about you?

As part of Bible School, we took to the streets. On three different Mondays' I had the privilege of leading three people to the Lord, with Bethany (my 12 year old daughter) getting a word of knowledge of back problems and seeing the person getting healed and then born again on the street. That is so cool.
I was invited to conduct the Healing Rooms training of El Shaddai church in Durbanville. It was great to connect with them as a church and we are excited to be opening healing rooms there soon.

One lady had been waiting 70 years since she was 16 to learn how to pray for the sick. Another gentleman said that since the training he is seeing God healing people when he prays for them. I love my job!
I spoke at the evening service at Baxter on evangelism and being used by God to reach their families. Approximately 50 people signed up to be vessels to reach their families over the holidays and after the service 25 people came forward in response to a salvation altar call. The harvest is truly ripe. Lets reach the lost with the gospel. 
“Jesus said, “Come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. From the 6-8 July we will be running a retreat camp called 1 Thing. Come join us for two days of worship and soaking in the beautiful setting of Simonsberg Retreat Centre in Stellenbosch. The cost for the weekend is R550 including meals and accommodation. To register please visit the info desk or visit
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