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Vegan Mainstream

"I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race,

in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals."

— Henry David Thoreau

Last month we set out to develop a company website that provides a panoramic overview of all the services we offer and is easy to navigate. This week, our dream came true, and a shiny, new launched on Monday May 3, 2010.


Our biggest challenge was the blog summary page. We wanted to highlight many of the key post types, while still providing relevant and timely articles, so we have developed a "Theme of the Week".

Each week, we will publish an image that highlights the general focus of the posts for the next seven days. The weekly image should appeal to everyone's creative side and hopefully illicit a smile. Each day the three most recent blog posts will be listed at the top of the blog summary page--that way, you may quickly access the top Vegan Mainstream chatter.

Our new design includes a special section for our newest post type: Plant Life--the funny and always clever vegan comic strip. We will follow Andrew on his journey as a new vegan trying to balance his personal and professional life.

As always, we will continue to bring you feature interviews from leaders in the vegan and vegetarian industry--and with Facebook and Twitter links on all blog pages, we hope you share our post with your family, friends, and clients all over the world.

As always thanks for the support!

---- Stephanie




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By Kristin Lajeunesse

It doesn’t matter if you have been in a committed, long-term relationship with Twitter already, or if you’ve just starting the courting process; no matter where you are in the social networking dating game it’s never too late, or too early, to turn up the heat. Facebook has been getting a lot of attention lately with its new ‘like’ features and what not. But Twitter is just as sexy.
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The "9-to-5" Vegan:
Saving Animals in the Workplace

By Stephen Bolich

As a vegan, I feel it is my duty to spread my message of peace, love, and animal rights to everyone around me. Wage slavery makes up approximately one-third of my waking hours, so plenty of potential opportunities arise in the course of that occupation. I started a new office job just last week, so I’m already thinking of new ways to infect coworkers with my affliction.   
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What's a New Vegan to Do:
Surviving the Workplace
By Jessi Stafford

I have been a vegetarian for over a year and a full-fledged vegan for only a few months. On top of that, I am a recent college grad (what, almost a year ago?) and a new addition to the workforce. Seems like I’m a glutton for punishment and enjoy being LAUNCHED out of my comfort zone.       
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Interview with Vaute Couture

By Amber McDonald

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart glows. It would be easy to chalk this up to her physical beauty, which, as former Ford model, she has in spades. However, that would be missing the mark. When Leanne speaks about her passions, it’s clear that she is glowing with enthusiasm – and it’s catching. 
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