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I'm having a bit of a perfect storm of business at my day job and my creative projects (not a complaint, just a fact) and this article on aiming for velocity over speed is something I'm trying to keep in mind when managing my time. I really liked this essay about the bullshit idea that everyone has to love their job. The New York Times examines whether having a day job makes you make better art, and this short cartoon is a nice reminder that shaking up your day-to-day is a better move than constantly longing for travel ... although this group of technocrats angling for a mid-30s retirement inhabit a reality I wouldn't mind being part of. And of course, if you do happen to have success, Maya Angelou has some strong words about false modesty

The death of EDM musician Avicii last month was a real tragedy. The poor guy was basically worked to death by unscrupulous managers and other music industry figures, and this essay details how he essentially suffered in plain sight for years at the hands of the music industry. Too much hedonism will kill you, but in this essay in Jacobin, Jason Tebbe lays out how the organic fitspo lives of rich white people are actually functioning as a class and morality play very similar to the Victorian era. 

I really liked this essay in the Guardian about how the #MeToo era has revealed where modern feminism splits. It's not (necessarily) an age thing (ie second-wavers vs third wavers) but a difference in the overall mindset:

"In part, the rift is between visions of how to undertake the feminist project, of which tactics are best: whether through individual empowerment, or through collective liberation. But there is a greater moral divide between these two strands of thought, because #MeToo and its critics also disagree over where to locate responsibility for sexual abuse: whether it is a woman’s responsibility to navigate, withstand and overcome the misogyny that she encounters, or whether it is the shared responsibility of all of us to eliminate sexism, so that she never encounters it in the first place."




Parkway Drive are my equal-favourite Australian band alongside Something For Kate. Like many country kids who grew up in the mid 00s, the band's work ethic and music were a gateway into a different way of thinking about and experiencing music. The band has a new album out, and I got to spend an hour at the National Gallery of Victoria with Parkway singer Winston McCall as part of a feature article for Noisey, which you can read here. Winston was a gentleman and I got to tick another thing off my bucket list. I also reviewed their new album for The Australian. Yes, I also think it is funny that the national broadsheet newspaper is publishing my metalcore reviews. They're running me regularly, which is nice. You can read my reviews of the new Missy Higgins, City Calm Down and Tom Lyngcoln albums as well. 

I've been listening to Reverence by Parkway Drive a lot, but when I haven't been doing that I've been absolutely thrashing Charly Bliss' latest album Guppy. It's perfect pop rock. 
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