One of the biggest challenges to the curation of a city’s growth must focus on the importance of developing local business. A new company in Indianapolis is doing just that, for the beauty industry.

Jada Beauty not only gives women and men everything they need to know about hair, beauty, trends and styles but also recently launched their new ecommerce platform, which helps support local stylists, everywhere.

Purchasing products from local businesses ultimately brings success to cities with a major economic impact. But what is being done about this in our city?

Jada Beauty is bringing attention to why it’s even more important to buy hair care products from your salon and local stylist. It not only helps cultivate local economic growth but also offers you a better product in the long run.

“It's all about delivering a great experience for your clients”, said Danielle McDowell, Jada Beauty’s CMO and Co-Founder. “Jada Beauty is committed to enriching the relationship between a consumer and their stylist. We believe this happens through discovery and education. We look to give resources to hairstylists to promote their craft and deliver great experiences for their clients. For consumers, it's all about an easy and convenient way to get inspired, discover new trends and product, and most importantly, how to get and maintain healthy hair.”

A company dedicated to helping foster local salon communities in Indianapolis and across the U.S., Jada Beauty is an online hub to not only support your local stylist with their ecommerce platform but to celebrate the importance of the booming beauty industry.

All purchases made through provide the option for a portion of the purchase to support your personal stylist, benefitting both you and your stylist! Stylists are able to create individualized HairScriptions™ for each of their clients, as well, making purchases fast and easy. It is free to be listed as a hair stylist through Jada Beauty, so be sure to sign up today. Looking to support your stylist? Browse the products they carry at and enter your stylist at checkout!
Megan Giannini