Is this how you start most of your days?

7:15am: Instagram a picture of your cat(s). Must get lighting just right for optimal cuteness.

7:17am: Several more cat photos.

8:04am Arrive at work.

8:15am: Watch Maru try to fit into a tiny box. (Why does he love boxes so much!?)

8:23am: Check in with Lil Bub on Facebook.

9:02am: Pick cat hair off your jacket during a meeting.

Thanks to modern day technology, aka the internets, it's insanely (er, really really easy) to be a cat lover. But what if circumstance doesn't allow you to have a fur baby all your own? Maybe your landlord doesn't allow pets. Or maybe your significant other is "allergic" to cats (more like allergic to LOVE, amiright?).

Worry no more. There are so many ways to express your feline fervor in our fair city, with great organizations and events, side-by-side with other cat lovers. Just. Like. You.

The greatest show on Earth

Every year, right around my birthday (Coincidence? I think not.) the cat circus comes to town. Tight rope walking. Acrobatics. (Acrocatics!?) The whole kitten caboodle. Ever see a cat play the drums? Check it off your bucket list when Tuna and the Rock-Cats repeat their tour this spring.

Lions and tigers and…ocelots

Get up close and personal with some wild, majestic felines. Just a stones throw from Indy, in Center Point, IN, the Exotic Feline Rescue Center is home to over 220 exotic felines. It's one of the largest rescue centers in the country for abused, unwanted, and neglected exotic felines. On Nov. 3, you can even bring in your leftover jack-o-lanterns for the big cats to play with. 

Heavy petting

Looking for a fuzz face to take home? Visit FACE Low Cost Spay/Neuter clinic's huge, sunny cat room for some QT with lots of adoptable buddies. Speaking of, there's a fundraiser at The Rathskeller this weekend to raise money for the nonprofit and its IndyFeral program. Check out all the hard work they're doing to help curb animal homelessness in Indy. 

There's never been a better time to show your crazy cat-lovin' pride. So get out there and celebrate right meow. After all, you can't hug every cat, but you sure can try. 
Kate Franzman