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We are often asked questions via email from educators and those serving educators. Recently a question came in about getting started with the new StoryMaps.

Here’s a great step-by-step post on how to start a new StoryMap,

  1. You will need to find out what ArcGIS Online Organization account you will log in to.Think about where you want your StoryMap to live and which organization you will be able to use.

  2. Once you identify which ArcGIS Online Organization account will house your StoryMap, put together some test text, and a few images in *.png or *.jpg format to use as you progress through the steps provided.This will keep you from getting bogged down in the data while you are getting a feel for the StoryMap tool.When you get to the point where they want you to add a map, you can choose a map you have already created, or you can search for a map that has been created in Esri's Living Atlas of the World.

storymaps landing page

Learn the basics of survey design, data collection, and simple mapping to support your classroom or club project. Even during a pandemic, students can safely collect and map data to help address a problem or project. Learn the tools and methods to collecting data when most (or all) of your students are learning from home.

This session will focus on ArcGIS Online and Survey123 in K-12 and informal education. All software and instructional resources used are offered at no-cost for youth instruction.

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