Welcome to our May Resource Review, a recap of all the FREE RESOURCES for GeoSpatial Educators we have shared in May 2011.

May 2011 Resource Review

We've compiled the current resources from our website for you in this monthly broadcast including GeoSpatial News, FREE RESOURCES for teachers and website updates from

Free Resources

  • The mission of the Geospatial Revolution Project is to expand public knowledge about the history, applications, related privacy and legal issues, and the potential future of location-based technologies.
  • Analyzing Change Over Time Using Topographic Maps and Imagery with GIS - One of the simplest yet most powerful things you can do in ArcGIS desktop or in ArcGIS Online is to visualize change over time by studying change based on different basemaps created on different dates.
  • Astronomers Create 3-D Map of 3-Billion-Year-Old Universe - Using light from 14,000 distant yet powerful cosmic beacons, astronomers have pieced together the largest and most detailed 3-D map of the ancient universe.
  • Researchers have long studied why we get lost, but now Carlson is figuring out how we can stay un-lost in the first place. Read how to think like a map!
  • map viewer template gallery that allows you to quickly map tweets of your choosing.
  • See the mirrorlike symmetry of the Milky Way. Astronomers base that assertion on their discovery of a vast section of a spiral, star-forming arm at the Milky Way’s outskirts. The finding suggests that the galaxy is a rare beauty with an uncommon symmetry — one half of the Milky Way is essentially the mirror image of the other half.
  • BBC series: The Beauty of Maps explores the art of cartography and includes links to historical mapsmaps of digital worlds and free teacher resources.
  • Globe GENIE is random, but cool way to get students excited about other places in the world.

GeoSpatial Happenings & News

  • Working in close collaboration with the US Department of the Interior (DOI), Esri is pleased to announce the release of Landsat image services. These provide access to almost four decades’ worth of Global Land Survey (GLS) Landsat data developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and DOI’s US Geological Survey. Esri provides access to the full multispectral, multitemporal Landsat data for free on ArcGIS Online as dynamic image services.
  • View continuously updated U.S. flooding information. You can see observed flooding locations as well as precipitation information. The map also pulls in social media pertaining to flooding.
  • A fortuitous orbit of the International Space Station allowed the astronauts shoot a striking view of Sarychev volcano in an early stage of eruption. Sarychev Peak is one of the most active volcanoes in the Kuril Island chain and is located on the northwestern end of Matua Island.
  • Satellites spot illegal logging of uncontacted tribes’ home. By studying satellite photographs of Paraguayan forests inhabited by still-uncontacted aboriginal tribes, activists have spotted evidence of illegal deforestation.

Apps We Love & Geo Fun

  • Apps We Love - The Ultimate World Quiz makes learning fun and easy. Why buy multiple apps when you can have one that does it all? This app combines both game play with a reference resource of facts on every country in the world into one easy to use application.
  • Explore fun & interactive Ocenia Games using Sheppard Software’s learning games. You will gain a permanant mental map of Oceania, its countries, capitals, and geography. This knowledge is the key to learning more about the wonderful world around you.

Upcoming Trainings

  • Upper Midwest Geospatial Technologies in the Classroom WorkshopMonday June 20 – Friday June 24, 2011 BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA
    Description: Registration forms - Learn how to incorporate the tools of this trade to support science, mathematics and geography! We’ll provide dozens of easy activities using Global Positioning Systems (GPS), digital cameras, and electronic probeware mapped out in a geographic information system (GIS). GIS is the common tool to easily analyze all these data in a single interface. GPS and remote sensed imagery provide context for concepts from geometry to algebra, chemistry to physics, or agriculture to business. These technologies open worlds of investigation for your classroom, after school clubs or science fair projects. Whether you want to add technology into your current classes, work with a 4-H club or monitor local water quality, this workshop will enhance your confidence in using technology to teach. What better way to learn these technologies than a project-based institute using these tools. Teachers taking the course will be certified to offer student credit when teaching these technologies at their own schools.
  • View our NEW EVENTS CALENDAR for links to all of our upcoming workshops, conventions and field trainings. We hope to connect with you!

Online Maps of Current Interest - U.S. Flooding

Featured Resource: This map allows you to view continuously updated U.S. flooding information. You can see observed flooding locations as well as precipitation information. The map also pulls in social media pertaining to flooding. In the Social Media box, you can change the search terms for YouTube, Twitter, and Flickr by hovering over the name of the feed, and then typing a new word into the displayed box.

BBC Series Expolres the Art of Cartography: The Beauty of Maps

Featured Resource: The BBC series The Beauty of Cartography is a documentary series that looks at maps in incredible detail to highlight their artistic attributions and reveal the stories that they tell. Visit their site for historical mapsmaps of digital worlds and free teacher resources.

GPS Loaner Program

Free for Teachers: GISetc and Geological Society of America Education have joined together to offer the GPS Loaner Program.  Class sets of Garmin eTrex GPS units are available for a two week loan to educators who would like to introduce GPS technology to their students. Email us for more information.

Going Places With GPS

Easy GPS Activities for Clubs, Classroom and Beyond is the first GPS book with fun and exciting lessons and activities that you can do with your GPS. This book eases the beginning user into using a GPS and then gradually adds to the level of difficulty. This book is a must for any educator or club advisor who uses or wants to use GPS technologies in their courses. Great for families and clubs!


More products, more fun: Have you seen our SWAG shop? We've recently moved to offer you easier browsing and have filled it with fun and whimsical items for the GIS enthusiast! Categories include: Be GEO SPECIAL with our fun designs!
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