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'Hi Folks, thanks for all your kind comments about our previous e-mails. Acquiring a new JCF, Chiltern or TC20i doesn’t need to cost you a lump sum of hard-earned cash, rent it!

Speaking of cash, if your cash is the Euro then you need to talk to us now. However, if we’re slow answering the telephone I apologise – it’s most likely we are talking to one of the many callers asking about our new Decon 4 UV Sanitisers, why not join them?

Catch you next time'

Steve Wheeler
MD Optimec Ltd


The Decon 4

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Eurozone? Never Been A Better Time To Buy!

If you are running a business that trades across international borders you will be used to having an awareness of currency exchange rate movements. In fact many business owners are acutely aware that what often seem like small movements in exchange rates can sometimes impact greatly on the profitability of a transaction. The time is right to take advantage of just such a movement.

If your business is based in the Eurozone The current rate of exchange between the British Pound and the Euro means that there has never been a better time to buy an Optimec instrument. In fact, right now £ Sterling is some 13% cheaper than it was just over 1 year ago. (source – Rabobank, Europe)

Our instruments are wholly manufactured within the UK and we are proud to have a great many customers from within the countries that make up the Eurozone. JCF, TC20i, Chiltern, whatever you are looking for, now is the time to buy. Call us on +(44) (0) 1684 892859 or Email us at

Scale Up Capacity – Scale Down The Costs?

Whatever your views on economic downturn, real or imagined, short or long, single dip or double dip – an opportunity is still an opportunity. Many of our customers are reporting an upturn in business and in some cases a significant upturn. So significant in some cases that the manufacturers are faced with the prospect of investing in new equipment but without any assurances of how long the increase might continue.

Faced with a requirement for new lens inspection equipment to give extra capacity, we have been able to assist with our new Instrument Rental Service. We can supply the full range of Optimec lens inspection instruments in return for a small deposit and very modest monthly rental payment. If you find that you would like to keep the instrument we’ll even count some of your rental payments towards the purchase price.

So now you have no excuse! Give us a call on +(44) (0) 1684 892859 or Email us at

Decon4 – Battling The Bugs – Breaking The Records!

We’ve been amazed by the response to the launch of our Decon4 UV Sanitiser unit. It seems that keeping bio-burden low in manufacturing labs is a really hot topic at the moment. The Decon4 can operate either alone or in series with a TC20i Temperature Controller and has been shown to achieve a 99% kill rate for all the kinds of microorganisms you don’t want as part of your wet process. (For legal reasons we’re not allowed to claim 100% kill rate because of the way in which the Decon4 is normally used. However, you can take it from us that if you are a microorganism then a Decon4 is something you don’t want to meet!)

If you are worried about Pseudomonas Sp, MRSA, E.Coli and a whole host of other potential “inhabitants” of your laboratory then you need to find out about Decon4. Call us on +(44)(0)1684 892859 or Email us at  


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