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The team of the Administration Department for the "Excellence Initiative - Research University" Program

University Interventional Core Laboratory

As part of the Excellence Initiative - Research University Program, new local core facilities are created at the MUG, whose main goal is to enable the implementation of research and development projects in cooperation with the University units. Thanks to this initiative, scientists will be able to benefit from consultations and expert services.
One of the new laboratories is the University Interventional Core Laboratory, which is intended to be a unique center in Europe conducting research on optimization and development of modern therapies in invasive cardiology. Its areas of activity include:
- full range of coronary artery revascularization using state-of-the-art endovascular imaging techniques,
- Percutaneous diagnosis and treatment of structural heart disease, including heart failure,
- functional assessment of changes in coronary vessels and microcirculation.
The work of the Laboratory will be based on the CardioResearch Group at the 1st Department of Cardiology, which focuses on conceptual work (scientific and implementation projects) and clinical research with a focus on non-commercial research. The team leader is Prof. Miłosz Jaguszewski (

We also encourage you to get acquainted with the offer of the Cardiovascular Imaging Laboratory. The research carried out in this laboratory includes standard and innovative methods for the evaluation of the cardiovascular system at every level, from echocardiographic imaging of the heart, through the assessment of the function of large vessels to the functional and structural evaluation of the microcirculation.

New fluorescence microscope in the Department of Biochemistry

The AxioObserver 7 FL fluorescence microscope with ApoTome.2 module and ZEN software from Carl Zeiss is a high-performance inverted microscope with an automated system for observing cell viability and optical sections using structured light. A unique feature of the set is the fluorescence structured light system, which produces images similar to confocal microscopy. It provides the highest possible resolution and image contrast, even when observing tissue preparations. It also enables reconstruction of 3D images.
The microscope is used primarily for research on the role of ecto-enzymes in the physiology and pathology of vascular endothelial cells, both in vitro and in animal experimental models.
The equipment worth nearly half a million zlotys was purchased under the SONATA 15 research project "Ecto-enzymes in interactions of vascular endothelial and blood circulating cells in physiology, pathology and therapy; can cells exchange ecto-enzymes?", directed by Dr. Habil. Barbara Kutryb-Zając, from the Department of Biochemistry.

Contact for those interested
Incubator - call for applications for funding of implementation projects continues

Researchers can, until 22 December this year, submit applications for support for research and development and pre-implementation work aimed at increasing the market potential of conducted research towards future implementation of research results. The maximum grant is PLN 150 thousand, and the project can cover the costs of laboratory work, purchase of materials and raw materials, preparation of a prototype, research services, expert opinions, analyses and reports necessary for proper implementation of the project, as well as costs of patent protection.

Applications may be submitted by MUG employees, participants of full-time doctoral studies at MUG and the first MUG Doctoral School, who conduct research at the University with implementation potential.

Details and required documents can be found on the website. For information, contact Marcin Stolarek (

The call for applications is conducted under the Excellence Initiative - Research University Program. About other initiatives within the Program you can read here.
Open grant competitions

PRELUDIUM BIS 3 competition to support doctoral schools in educating doctoral students and financing research projects carried out by them as part of their doctoral dissertations. Both research and PhD scholarships can be financed. The deadline for applications is December 15 of this year.


NAWA Urgency Grants for international cooperation of research teams or international mobility of scientists, which are undertaken in response to sudden, important, unforeseen social, civilizational and natural phenomena of global or regionally significant consequences. Recruitment on a rolling basis.
Upcoming events

2/12/2021, 16:00 - 18:00 pm (online)
PRA 1 Subject Area and Research Team Basket Meeting II. Tumour microenvironment, microbiome and immunooncology.
The first of a series of meetings that will be held every two months. Their aim is to help in establishing scientific collaboration and finding partners for grant applications.
The first meeting will feature Dr. Sachin Kote and Dr. Javier Alfaro from the International Center for Cancer Vaccine Studies (ICCVS). In their lecture Neoantigen discovery/Immunopeptidomics, proteomics and novel peptidomics research approaches at ICCVS, they will talk about the technological workshop (mass spectrometry and bionformatics) and the research opportunities available to them.
The meeting will be held in English. If interested, please contact Olga Hofman (
17.12.2021, 13-14:30 (online)
In vivo and in vitro research through the eyes of team V and team IX in PRA 3 - the first meeting within the series on intra- and inter-university collaborations.
The main topic of the meeting will be the selection of an appropriate animal model for in vivo preclinical studies.
Plan of the meeting
Dr Habil. Patrycja Koszałka
CD73 in breast cancer - enemy or friend? An example of the need to choose the right model for preclinical studies.
Dr. Habil. Marcin Okrój, Assoc. Prof. 
Application of complement system proteins to enhance the cytotoxic activity of immunotherapeutics.
The webinar will be held using the Clickmeeting platform. Registration is required.
Past events 

Workshop on building an environment for obtaining ERC grants was held on November 23. The meeting was moderated by experts from NCBiR National Contact Point - Bogna Hryniszyn and Magdalena Chomicka. The workshop was attended by scientists interested in obtaining grants from Horizon Europe and applying for ERC and RIA grants, as well as leaders of PRA and representatives of the Research Projects Department. The aim of the meeting was to develop recommendations on how to support researchers in obtaining grants and how to build a strategy in this area. The workshop was planned as a complementary to the future activities of TTOPSTART.
III Baltic Meetings of Cardio-Oncology took place on 27 November this year. The conference was devoted to cardiological problems accompanying cancer treatment, and its aim is to develop cooperation in the field of cardio-oncology between doctors of different specialties, as well as to inspire scientific research in this field. The conference program includes four thematic blocks:
- cardiooncology: past, present and future,
- anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy in patients with cancer
- selected issues in cardiooncology,
- cardiooncology in everyday practice - a patient with cancer in history.
Recommended publications

Updated overall survival analysis from IMpower110 : atezolizumab versus platinum-based chemotherapy in treatment-naive programmed death-ligand 1-selected NSCLC. JASSEM JACEK; De Marinis Filippo; Giaccone Giuseppe; Vergnenegre Alain; Barrios Carlos H.; Morise Masahiro; Felip Enriqueta; Oprean Cristina; Kim Young-Chul; Andric Zoran; Mocci Simonetta; Enquist Ida; Komatsubara Kimberly; McCleland Mark; Kuriki Hiroshi; Villalobos Monette; Phan See; Spigel David R.; Herbst Roy S., Journal of Thoracic Oncology, 2021, vol. 16 (11): 1872-1882.

An unusual nicotinamide derivative, 4-pyridone-3-carboxamide ribonucleoside (4PYR), is a novel endothelial toxin and oncometabolite. MIERZEJEWSKA PAULINA; KUNC MICHAŁ; ZABIELSKA MAGDALENA; KUTRYB-ZAJĄC BARBARA; PELIKANT-MAŁECKA IWONA; BRACZKO ALICJA; JABŁOŃSKA PATRYCJA; Romaszko Paweł; KOSZAŁKA PATRYCJA; SZADE JOLANTA; SMOLEŃSKI RYSZARD TOMASZ; SŁOMIŃSKA EWA, Experimental and Molecular Medicine, 2021, vol. 53 (9): 1402-1412. 

Potential of mucoadhesive chitosan glutamate microparticles as microbicide carriers - antiherpes activity and penetration behavior across the human vaginal epithelium [Dokument elektroniczny]. Szymańska Emilia; Krzyżowska Małgorzata; CAL KRZYSZTOF; MIKOLASZEK BARBARA; Tomaszewski Jakub; Wołczyński Sławomir; Winnicka Katarzyna, Drug Delivery, 2021, vol. 28 (1): 2278-2288.
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