Horizon Europe – first call is coming soon!

As part of the Health cluster of Horizon Europe, the call for proposals “Tackling diseases and reducing disease burden”, which targets research on coronavirus mutations and therapeutic response, will be launched on 8 April. Scheduled call for proposals topics:
- Support for the development of large scale, COVID19 cohorts and networks beyond EU borders, forging links with European initiatives as a global response to the pandemic,
- Conduct of vaccine & therapeutic trials to boost prevention and further inform public health policy and clinical management.
The call for proposals will last 3 weeks and will be conducted in the fast track mode, bypassing the typical call for proposals rules. A sum of €90 million has been earmarked to finance the projects.
Researchers interested in the call for proposals may obtain further information and support in preparing applications in the Research Projects Department. Those interested in securing funding today are encouraged to reach out to their international partners to form partnerships with regard to the call for proposals.

Three projects from Medical University of Gdańsk in the call for proposals for research teams in oncology

12 applications, including three prepared by teams from the Medical University of Gdańsk, have been submitted to the call for proposals for funding research teams that conduct scientific activity in the form of Virtual Research Institute in the area of medical biotechnology - oncology, announced by the Łukasiewicz Research Network – PORT. The total amount of funds earmarked for financing research is PLN 450 million.
Open grant calls

PRELUDIUM 20 call for proposals for researchers without a PhD degree

OPUS 21 call for proposals for researchers at all stages of their careers
Research supported as part of the Programme

The grant awarded in the ‘Young Creator of Science’ call for proposals is the first independent research project in the scientific path of Justyna Topa, MSc from the Department of Translational Oncology. With the help of the acquired funds the Laureate will be able to conduct studies on the impact of honokiol (a compound derived from plants of the magnoliaceae family) on the epithelial-mesenchymal phenotype of breast cancer cells in vitro. They will be a prelude to in vivo experiments, which she plans to perform as part of the SONATA project run by Aleksandra Markiewicz, PhD. The results of the conducted experiments will also form the basis of the project she would like to apply for in the PRELUDIUM NCN call for proposals.
Upcoming events

A series of meetings with support structures
Centre of Bioanalytics, Paweł Olszewski, MSc
20 April (Tuesday), 2:00 P.M.
registration link
RT #4 meeting (PRA 1) Artificial intelligence and big data
26 March (Friday), 1.30 P.M.
RT #1 meeting (PRA 1) Precision oncology
Topic – Liquid biopsy in oncology
Run by Michał Bieńkowski, PhD
30 March (Tuesday), 4:00 P.M.
Anyone interested in participating, please contact the pot coordinators.
Recommended publications

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