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Dear FOO Friends and Supporters,
On the Osa I have watched a well-fed Anole lizard splitting out of its old skin and eating it to reveal a fresh new coating.  This is an economical form of renewal that probably helps the reptile recycle nutrients.  Friends of the Osa is also shedding its old skin and getting a new one. We are adopting the name Osa Conservation as a label that more directly reflects our mission.  Likewise, we are changing our logo to reflect the fact that it is not only the incredible terrestrial biodiversity of the Osa that matters to us—but the incredible marine biodiversity of the region as well.
This year we are growing healthily in several other directions.  We are part of the world’s first Biodiversity Trust Fund, established by the Costa Rican national organization FONAFIFO.  This fund will help guarantee stewardship of Osa Conservation’s forest lands forever. Oh by the way, for every dollar our supporters contribute to this fund the government of Costa Rica will contribute a matching dollar.  How often does that happen? 
We have expanded geographically, partnering with TNC and CATIE (Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza) on the establishment of a reserve known as Santa Cecilia, which borders Piedras Blancas National Park. This reserve is the anchor for the biological corridor connecting that park with Corcovado National Park.  Santa Cecilia also borders the Esquinas River and will serve as the base of operations for an expanded marine conservation program.
We have also doubled the size of our DC presence—what this means is that we now have two people in our DC office.  Emily Angell is in charge of education and outreach and you should write her at if you or your children’s school or university is interested in conservation education trips to the Osa.  In addition to our staff of two in Washington, we have 14 people permanently based in the Osa working day, and often night, conserving the Osa’s incredible biodiversity. 
Our name and logo have changed, yet our mission is constant. As always, we welcome you to get involved with Osa Conservation.

Adrian Forsyth


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