A little bit of poetry to brighten your Sunday evening and give you good prayer-thoughts for the week ahead...

Sunday Evening Poem

A new feature from Wordcraft Circle direct to your poetic nerve center!

by Bryan Jackson


My heart—already past two infarctions and wanting none further,
still aches for your companionship.
You herded me by habit and I
with joy still come home and find
you gone; but are you?
I chanted for you as you lay dying and sprinkled you with lavender and feather
to send you on your way
hugging you as your heart stopped and beyond;
so glad we had that time with you!
Gi’li—dog, you chose us and differentiated from the litter with your smile:
In time your German shepherd face became grey like mine because
it is the way.
Many remembered you and paid tribute because your paws left reminders
not just
across the Milky Way but abreast of Mother Earth’s green meadows
and crystal waters.
You loved children and had a playful disposition to the end; yet
it is not really
the end,
run with us
and wrestle us
and whisper to us
in our dreams.

Bryan Jackson views his relationship to the dog as sacred. He has spent much of his adult life working with them in some way. His current project is a YA novel based on a grandmother raised in the old Cherokee Nation. He has written for Suite101.com and Liberal Lectionary Resources. He is a member of the Trail of Tears Association and holds permanent placement in the First Families of the Cherokee Nation.
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