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Senantors Lembke and Nieves Need Your Help Today

Like ACTION:  Melt the Phones and Jam the Inboxes in Jefferson City on Facebook

Call or email your Missouri State Rep. and Senator. Tell them to send DC's Education Bribe back where it came from.

Sen. Lembke just phoned me to ask for a melt-the-phones and email and twitter campaign to back them.  Legislatures getting a lot of calls from schools, but little from conservatives.  

DC is shoving $$$ for education (strings attached) down Missouri's throat. Senators Lembke and Nieves are trying to #senditback.  

In addition to calling or writing, please do the following:
  • Like this message (button up top)
  • Tweet using the #senditback hash tag share on Twitter 
  • Forward this email to at least 3 friends[UNIQID]
  • Post on Facebook comment on ACTION:  Melt the Phones and Jam the Inboxes in Jefferson City

Don't Listen to the Liberal Lies

If Missouri takes Arne Duncan's bribe, it will simply INCREASE general spending, not education spending.  That's just the way government works.  

By returning this bribe (and its burdensome handcuffs), we'll send a message--and instill fiscal responsiblity in both Jeff City and Washington.

Please call your state Representative and Senator today.  

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