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Dear Friends:

  • Visa and MasterCard announce new fees
  • CenPOS Virtual Terminal update-video
  • Google NFC problems
  • Visa slams Paypal over in-store service
  • CenPOS dashboard video

Visa to launch new fixed fee per merchant account or per TID.

MasterCard new annual merchant fee excludes pin-debit volume

How much it's going to cost is TBD, but merchants can expect new fees on statements beginning in July. Advice: Review your merchant accounts. Do you have one account for MOTO and one for retail? CenPOS users can consolidate and lower fees with automated switching and interchange optimization.


CenPOS launched a virtual terminal update last week that includes a change for how to research older data. Use the REPRINT feature for all transactions within 90 days. Reprint includes every attempted transaction, whether it was approved or not. Use the new HISTORIC INQUIRY for transactions between 90 days old and 7 years old. This report applies to credit card processing only, not check processing. click the image for a short video clip you can forward to users.


historic button


Also new at login, "CenPOS wants to know your location". When clicked, the IP address will be tagged to all transactions.


Google’s NFC-enabled mobile wallet took a hit this week when the company said it would suspend new prepaid cards for Google Wallet after security flaws were detected in the app that make users’ information vulnerable.

Also, Jim McCarthy, global head of product at Visa voiced concerns over security for PayPal in-store service being tested at Home Depot. Currently the consumer will key enter their information into the pinpad. New payment choices for consumers will expand, it's only a matter of time.

What's gaining steam in 2012? Cloud services. CenPOS is a SaaS private cloud for payment processing. Watch for announcements soon that obliterate security issues Paypal and Google Wallet suffer from.


CenPOS dashboard video Do you know what tools are available? Highlight video for executive dashboard.


Upcoming Articles :

- GEO tracker (now live in CenPOS VT).

- CenPOS dashboard - Report Writer hot ideas

- Debit report: 120 days after Durbin/ Dodd-Frank federal legislation went live



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