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It doesn't matter which decade you were born in. With every passing day we're all getting older. I remember having my first mid life crisis at 25, thinking that I was over halfway to 50! We can't control our chronological age, father time stops for no one. However we can have a huge effect on our biological age and that's the one that counts!
Here are three simple steps you can take RIGHT NOW to become biologically younger and improve your physical performance!

Never Stop

Each decade that goes by we lose very little (less than you might think) in the way of physical performance. However what we do lose is our “margin for error”. That is to say what we used to get away with. If we stop stretching we lose flexible more quickly, if we eat bad food, we put on weight much more easily and if we stop exercising, the muscles atrophy (lose strength and size) much faster than they used to.  

The secret here is simple, never stop! The more you slow down the more you slow down, it's that simple!

Core Strength and Flexibility for Triathlon, Cycling Running... 

Maintaining and improving your strength and flexibility as an aging athlete (anyone above 30), will have a proportionately greater and greater effect on your ability to perform at your best. If you leave this area of your training, at first nothing noticable will happen, until you regress to the point where you begin to have aches and pains or become injured, as well as loose performance. This is the point at which the vast majority of people think about this area of their training for the first time.

Maintaining strength and flexibility is a separate project to your sport specific training and continues regardless of your event or trianing phase.

This is a great application you can use to give yourself a kickstart! Look at the section most relevant to you and get the app if you like it.

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Make it social

Lastly, make it social. Training in a group is a great way to make things easier mentally. This is best as a supplement to your more specific training and depends on your personality and the time of year.
1. Never Stop
2. Strength and flexibility (a separate project)
3. Make it social
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