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In training for an event one must take into account three magic ingredients in the formula of success. Personality + physiology + life logistics = Success. As long as all 3 ingredients are present and accounted for, then you’ll enjoy yourself as you improve. This will happen in any well thought out training plan.

As soon as any training plan is written it’s out of date. It is a living breathing masterpiece that reflects you, where you’re at and where you're going. Sometimes it will be the goal that needs to change rather than the programme, if your life logistics dictate as such. Sometimes the programme will change as things come up. Actually this will happen all the time! Think about the three magic ingredients as you look at your programme and let us know if you have any questions. The better we communicate, the faster you will go!

“Ask not, what your body can do for you, ask what you can do..."

Leg or mind POWER? What does it take to win the Australian National Road Series?

After a storming start to the season Joe Cooper took a healthy lead in the Australian National Road Series (NRS) before a heavy fall and broken pubic bone saw Joe lose nearly all chance of the title.

Watching his lead slip away from a hospital bed was not easy! However with relentless dedication to the rehab and training Joe overcome the 6 weeks off the bike and made an incredible comeback. Retaking the lead and the overall NRS title which came right down to the last race. An inspirational effort and lesson in never giving up!

What's seriously cool?

Tour de France - Come ride with me! For 2 weeks in the French Alps and watch THE TOUR. Karl Woolcott is running another once in a lifetime Tour de France trip and I'll be helping him guide you through the best cycling country in the world. There will be plenty of time for me to talk to you about climbing technique and everything cycling as you ride your way up the long cols of the French Alps...
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Wellington Mountain Bike series - The most fun you can have on two wheels! This great series is all about fun and includes something for everyone. Be sure to make the next event...
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Danny MacAskill - This time on a Mountain Bike. If you haven't seen it already then it's a "must watch".
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