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This year has started with discovery and success at Smart Coaching. SC athletes have been learning to sleep on the side of the road in a bivy bag while racing a Brevet, running ones best without actually running and winning the National Elite Road Race Championships. All this and it’s only February!
Let us lead you on the road to your dreams in 2015

Pinckney (pictured right) runs 90 minutes for a half marathon. His longest training run was 30min... Did someone forget to tell him that was impossible?

The thing that makes this even more phenomenal is that he did it in a Half Ironman. So he swam 2km and cycled 90km on a hilly course first. pinckney then ran the half marathon and placed 3rd overall. But how does one do that with a longest run of 30 minutes? If you suffer from running injuries restricting your ability to train, find out more...

Cooper wins Elite Road Championships but how?

What’s more important, how many watts you can produce or when you produce them? An interesting insight into planning and racing to be the best. Read full article here...

The New Style, Old Style of racing “Brevett Cycling”

Nicki Squire takes on her first Brevette (slightly shorter option of the Brevet). Nicki did a near perfect job of her first go at this style of event covering 740km of incredibly rugged terrain in five days. Nicki finished with a smile, although it wasn't all smiles... Nicki writes a fantastic blog here, well worth a read...


The New Style, Old Style of racing “Brevett Cycling”

Greg Galway placed 4th (not that it's a race... yea right) in his first ever Brevet event. With 1,100km of mostly off road trails and tracks. Greg opted to sleep on the side of the road in a bivy bag to save time. Bloody awesome! Find out what it takes here in Greg's blog. If you thought you were hard...

In our last newsletter we asked "What's going to drive you to succeed in 2015?" Here's what you said...
  • Stepping outside my comfort zone and preparing for an event I don't even know is possible.
  • Representing New Zealand as an age grouper at the world long distance triathlon champs. Motala Sweden June 2015
  • Because I can!
  • Self-discovery of body and mind
  • Having a focus other than work!
  • Running without any pain.
  • Pure passion 100%
  • Pointing at my back wheel as I drop you Silas
  • Me 2015 is all about the 1 percenters
  • Having a meaningful goal is a very powerful pull for me. It's all about exploring - my physical and mental limits, new experiences, even places. It makes me feel alive and fulfilled and that's what drives me, if success happens along the way that would be great too!
  • Adventure
  • The excitement of doing better in 2016-with new challenges/horizons.
  • Joy.
  • potential for success
  • Getting back to where I was in terms of fitness, strength & speed.
Make 2015 your best year ever
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