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4 Ways To Become An Idea Magnet

Most of us have participated in or facilitated a brainstorming session. You know the meetings where there is a White Board, a marker, and people who can't wait to share their ideas on a subject. Okay, I know some people may have experienced brainstorm sessions that maybe, just maybe, were not as fruitful as what I just described.

Fortunately, there are other ways to accomplish idea generation.  Here are some ways you can gather ideas in your organization.
  1. Determine how far out you can see: (From the article)  In times of rapid change, align your decision-making with how far out you can anticipate the future. Start moving in the right direction, adjusting as you go.
  2. Find Options and Experiment: Challenge yourself to explore options quickly while experimenting. If you can break a bold idea down into small steps, it’s easier to start and minimize risk. It may feel safer to give yourself permission to try an idea and see where it takes you and your team. In a 2019 Gartner survey, 46% of respondents said their most significant barrier to innovation was the fear of risks. Get your team started by taking small steps and knowing your available options.
  3. Course Correct with Confidence: Continually ask yourself — and your team — what you’ve learned each week and how it affects your plan. (I love this one. Doing something always to learning. Once you have learned something, new ideas and possibilities present themselves. The hardest part is to start so just go do something!)
  4. Commit to Collaboration: It can be hard to put your ideas out there for others to change and build upon. You might feel protective of those ideas or fear rejection. But there are benefits in allowing others to build on your first idea; collaboration can increase successful innovation by 15%. (Educators are notoriously bad at collaborating. We seem to be doomed to redesign the wheel instead of going to our neighbor who has a wheel built to learn from them. Just go collaborate, learn, and adapt what you learn to your local setting.
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How Do You Build Trust?

I came across the graphic this week and I just loved it. We are so busy trying to get things done in our job, that I love it when there are ways to remember important conepts.

The "ABCD" of building trust comes from the Ken Blanchard Companies. 
Making this model actionable, is easy. before you start your day, just ask yourself this question: "How will people know, by my actions, that I am able, believable, connected, and dependable?"

7 No-Nonsense Questions That Challenge People:
The Board President for IU8 and I have a great relationship and we have worked together to build a lot of programs that are great for learners. What makes our collaboration really good is his ability to ask the right question at the right time. I thought about him as I read one of Dan Rockwell's blog posts this week about the power of questions.

From the blog post:
Here are 7 questions you can ask people to invite them to challenge themselves and their thinking.
  1. What would make your goal a little more challenging?
  2. How might you reach a little higher?
  3. What’s preventing you from taking on this new opportunity? How might you remove that obstacle?
  4. What if you’re selling yourself short?
  5. If you reached higher, what might you try?
  6. What if you have more in you?
  7. What’s the bravest thing you can do?
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Become A Lifter Of People
The most important job of a leader is to help people reach their own goals. I think there are two ways a leader can approach dealing with people around them. One way is negative (blaming them for failures in the organization, playing "gotcha" games, etc) and the other is positive (working collaboratively with staff to help them reach their goals and aspirations). Learner-Centered leaders have so much work to do to ensure all learners have a great learning experience, that a positive approach is really the only viable option.

In this short video (less than 2 minutes), John Maxwell talks about the importance of lifting people up.

Question for you...How will you lift someone up this week? Please email me at and let me know!
Become a "Lifter" of people
Food For Thought
"I really believe humans are mostly magic and that we are all just unfinished magic and we’re more likely to be the fullest extent of our magic if other people see us that way first. And I’ve learned that when I see people for their potential and their possibilities, that they seem to live up to that more quickly than when they interact with others.... So the upside of believing in people is so high and, not but, and some will let us down. And the frequency that I’m let down is so low compared to the frequency that I’m proven right in people’s potential. And so it just feels like this tax, it’s like a single-digit percentage tax that is a small price to pay for getting all the upside that comes from looking at people as the great things that they are and the possibilities that they have in front of them."

— Kat Cole
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