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Good Morning <<First Name>>!
I hope you had a great weekend and I am sending you positive vibes that the upcoming week will be one of your best in a long time! I know the next few weeks are extremely busy for you as you wrap up the end of the school year. I wish you well in that work! As you work in "the now" here are some things to consider for the future.
What does the future look like? We are planning a great future-focused conference for principals and our theme is "the future," which has put all of us on the planning committee in a future-focused mindset. 

What are the future trends in technology, working, and education that you believe will force change in how you operate your school?

Ideas to start your own list:
Artificial Intelligence: We live with AI in our daily lives today and this will expand in the future. Everything from how we clean our house (Roomba's) to how we don't drive (self-driving cars). How will you prepare kids for a future in which they will work WITH machines and AI?

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality: Three weeks ago I checked a patient's, respiration, pulse, and bowel sounds when I toured Penn College of Technology’s nursing program and I never touched a person. I was wearing a VR headset. VR is going to be a game-changer in how people work and how we educate kids. (No, I don't think schools are going away because of VR, but it will help us facilitate learning.) Augmented reality (which is where VR meets "the real world") will be a tool in teaching in 10 years that will be the equivalent of what a Smart Board is today.

The Metaverse: I am excited to learn more about universities that are setting up shop in the metaverse...including West Virginia University. How will the metaverse change your education practice?
For all practical purposes, the pandemic is over. Now it is time to recalibrate your leadership philosophy. As a retiring superintendent told me last week when I asked him what is one piece of advice he would give new leaders, he said...

Know your education theory and how to use it. 

The theory is your knowledge of leadership, your philosophy is the theory in action!
Are you sick of hearing about feedback? How to give it, how to receive it, and how to plan for it? The legendary executive coach Marshall Goldsmith has a concept worth considering...

FEEDFORWARD. He defines feedforward as: “Feedback comprises people’s opinions of your past behavior, feedforward represents other people’s ideas that you should be using in the future.”

Whose ideas do you need to hear to build the best future for your school? 
Speaking of who you need to hear from to build the most awesome future ever...

How do you grow leaders in your organization? 

Skip Prichard suggests three things to think about when considering how you grow leaders.
  • Concentrate on the hiring process
  • Be aware of the squelch factor
  • Concentrate on mentoring and coaching
That's all for this week (other than the book of the week.) BTW, sorry about the obtuseness of the books over the past few weeks, but they are blowing my mind!

Have a great week!

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