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A Quick Thought About the Quote

I was talking with my colleague Bea McGarvey the other day and she told me about some fascinating work she is doing around instruction in the classroom. Specifically, she was discussing the importance of using skills that help you make sense of new information. Educators need to remember that regardless of your opinion on any education topic if you state it, you must be ready to defend it. Once you defend it, you must be ready to alter or change your opinion if you learn something new. Our world is full of people that "know" the answer so they do not listen to anything anyone says. Learner-centered leaders are always open to new perspectives and challenging ideas.

Wisdom From Arnold

The following is from Arnold Schwarzenegger's newsletter. You can read the entire newsletter, but I pulled out the quote that made me think the most.

"What I tell people is this: you have to start with a vision. I was always driven by my vision. Whether that vision was being the best bodybuilder there ever was or being a leading man in the movies or being a millionaire, that's all I ever thought about. I knew that if I just outworked everybody every day, if I did more bicep curls, if I spent more hours practicing my lines, or if I studied the real estate market more than anyone else, I would be a winner in whatever I did. People around me often thought these goals were crazy - my advice to you is to take that as a compliment. When people think your vision is too much, that’s a sign that you are on the right track. Once you have the vision, it takes reps, reps, reps. You have to do the work. And you might have a job right now to make ends meet while you chase your vision. That is not an obstacle! I was laying bricks at the same time I was taking acting classes and business classes and working out five hours. Luckily, there are 24 hours in a day, so I worked for 8 hours to make the money I needed to survive and then spent the rest of the time learning and chasing my vision. But it’s also crucial to have a good team of friends and supporters and mentors. Never be too proud to listen and learn from the people who have succeeded in what you want to do. It is so important to surround yourself with people who share your vision and your drive because they will always push you to be better. "

I am beating a dead horse here...if you only do one thing today in your work life do this: Formulate a vision for learning and share it with staff and colleagues. 
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The @DavidGeurin Blog: The Purpose of School Isn't Preparing Students for College

From the blog post:
"The purpose of schooling is NOT preparing students for college or even for a specific career. The purpose of schooling is to prepare students to be continuous learners. To never stop learning. To be adaptable learners. To know their strengths. To be confident in their ability to tackle challenges, pursue passions, and overcome obstacles."
I am congratulating @DavidGeurin for coming to an important realization. Those of us engaged in learner-centered leadership realized a long time ago that each individual learner comes to us with different desires, skills, and dreams. The entire goal of learner-centered leadership is to make sure we do not pigeonhole learners into the "right way" for their post-high school life. 
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An Article to Challenge Your beliefs About Kids In Poverty
There is no shame worse than poor teeth in a rich world 
I am going to tell you upfront that this article will take you some time to read...maybe upwards of 20 minutes. We know the importance of equity in the world today. We have to work diligently to assure that "equity" does not become a stereotype for a certain class, race, or geographic region. Read this article through the lens of equity and ask yourself what you can do in your school tomorrow to help with the problem sketched out in the article.

The author of the article is Sarah Smarsh. She is a guiding light for me in how she frames the challenges that rural citizens face in the United States today.
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