Hi there,

I know that if I tell you what I did on Tuesday, some of you will go ‘good for you girrrrrl’, while most of you will probably wonder why on earth I did this to myself.

Want to know what it was?

A photoshoot with the incredible Erna. Yes, I paid her money to be in front of her camera for 2,5 hours🤯

And yes, I absolutely enjoyed it, because through her lens, she made me realize how much I’ve grown on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

I felt celebrated, seen and proud of myself.

I will of course be sharing the pictures soon. Want a sneak peek? Send me a note!

Here’s what else I wanted to share with you today:


Do you realize that we humans are the only species that blush, and it actually helps us trust and collaborate better? Check out this book if you want to know more about that.

Recently, my German teacher pointed out that she thought it was lovely that someone as confident as me blushed when I mess up my German grammar. And she made me realize that even though I’ve been a lifelong blusher, my relationship to my flushed cheeks has changed dramatically.

I wrote this little blog about it which resonated with many others, so if you are a blusher like me, check it out.


Unfortunately, I am noticing that more and more of my new clients are struggling with burnout symptoms. What I find extra worrying about that, is that they often describe themselves as ‘walking brains’ - they spend so much time in their heads that they have no idea how their body is doing.

Now I’ve been recommending this book to people quite a bit, but the truth is that I had never read more than a summary of it myself 😇 But better late than never: I am reading it now and it puts to words (and substantiates with research) what I’ve learned after my bore-out: understanding the mindbody connection is literally vital, and yoga and mindfulness training pretty much saved my life.

Where are you on the scale from ‘walking brain’ to ‘super embodied’? And what helps you to pick up your body’s signals?


Here’s a little secret about your brain: It can’t always tell the difference between something you’ve imagined and something that’s actually happened. So imagining yourself in a certain situation actually makes it more likely for you to achieve what you are imagining. This is a trick that athletes have been using forever to prepare for a competition, but it also works amazingly well for us mere mortals.

That is why I use guided visualizations quite a bit in my 1:1 coaching (especially for my ‘walking brain’ clients, as it bypasses their logic and allows them to connect with their intuition and confidence).

And because it’s such a powerful tool, I want to share my visualizations more broadly🔥

I’ve recorded initial versions of 6 visualization exercises that I find particularly powerful, and I am looking for guinea pigs to help me improve them! If you’re interested, let me know and I will share them with you!


Remember my last two-minute treat, in which I was sharing my grumpiness? I loved how you all showed up for me - I’ve never received as many replies as to that one!

And, I wanted to proudly announce to you that my trick worked: I told you that I wanted to do another yoga class, and because I said it out loud to you, I did not one but two extra classes - and invited my husband to join the fun.

So thank you for being there for me - you helped me without even realizing it😉


You know what’s really cool about running the WOMEN’S HUB?

I get to hang out with people I admire by inviting them as a speaker for our online sessions😍

I had been following Amaru on Instagram for quite a while, and loved her very personal stories about motherhood, branding and music. I am super excited that she will be last speaker for this year on December 1st, 8PM-930PM CET on Zoom!

Amaru will be sharing how she let go of her super organized lifestyle when her son was born earlier this year, and how it inspired her to take a new approach to making vision boards. Will you join us?

As always, I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. I wrote an e-book! You can find it on my website if you look for the download my e-book button.

Let me know what you think (or if you see any typos 😬 )!

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