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Did you notice I skipped a newsletter? I know you didn’t😉

But I will share my excuse for skipping a beat anyway: I was in the Netherlands for the first time in over a year, primarily to meet my little six-month-old nephew for the first time 😍

I was partly staying at my parents' place, and they still live in the home where I grew up, which makes me super nostalgic.

So here is my slightly sentimental treat-list for this week:


I was a book nerd. A tree climber. An arts & crafts lover. A writer. A performer. A volleyball player. A clarinetist.

What about you? I love hearing stories about people’s childhoods, as they can inform who they are today.

So often, the things that energized you as a kid are still things you enjoy now.

Which doesn’t mean you should literally do what you did as a child (or maybe you should😉), but the essence of your childhood preferences can point you to how to live a fulfilling life now.

Which makes me realize that I want to do another painting workshop with👩🏻‍🎨

WHAT I’D LIKE TO REWATCH (spoiler: it’s a kids movie)

We’ve had a Disney subscription for months, but the only options I get from my daughter are Frozen I or II, or Vaiana if I’m lucky.

But what I really want to rewatch is Inside Out.

The movie is about a girl who moves to San Francisco, and what makes it brilliant is that the perspective of the movie is the voices inside her head. There is Joy, who is excited about the move, and Anger, who is upset with her parents, and Sadness, who misses her old friends.

And this is such a great metaphor for what happens in our own mind all the time 🤯

So rather than teaching my kids that it’s totally OK to freeze their sister’s heart or sail across the ocean with an unreliable demi-God, I would love to watch Inside Out with them, so that they learn about the beautiful complexity of the mind sooner than I did.


I can’t even remember how many social occasions in my teenage years were overshadowed by cramping, constipation and bloating. NOT COOL when you are 16 years old and other awkward teenagers are at the center of your universe.

At the time I was trying to treat these IBS symptoms with a fiber-rich diet, whereas I now believe the main cause of my IBS was simply the stress of being a teenager.

I know, irritable bowels might not sound like something you’d expect in my ‘two-minute treat’ email, but I want to use this little anecdote as an invitation for you to think about your own physical discomforts from a mental, maybe even spiritual perspective.

Sure, you can treat your headache with a pill, and your stiff shoulders with some quick office yoga moves, but what if you’d treat the stress or anger that might be underneath it?

If you’re intrigued, this might be an interesting book for you.


I was working from someone else’s office last week, and I noticed I was missing my own, recently upgraded, setup.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t enjoy spending time on researching these things and just want to copy-paste what someone else is excited about, so here we go😬

I’ve got this webcam and this microphone and this key light.

Go get it and thank me later😉


On our 9-hour drive from the Netherlands to Switzerland, we listened to no less than 3 episodes of Tim Ferriss. What I love about these podcasts is that they are unapologetically long because in every podcast, Tim explores many aspects of his interviewee’s person and profession.

So if you’re into 15-minute podcasts, this is not for you, but if you love digging in, I highly recommend listening. Let me know which episode is your favorite!

For me, Anne Lamott, Jack Kornfield and Esther Perel were definite highlights.

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