Do you also have a weird collection of post-its and digital notes to keep track of cool things, and then when someone asks you for that one book that you were reading, it’s impossible to find the title?

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to set up a system to help me keep track of the awesome things in life. I am very proud that it’s only April of this weird year, and I think I’ve found a solution!

I am going to write a biweekly 2-minute read with 5 (or so) things that I’ve been learning, loving and reading.

I imagine it will be a mix of practical tools for self development, personal anecdotes, people I admire, book suggestions, and the occasional 90’s hit song (my apologies in advance for the latter).

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Here’s a taster of the kind of stuff that currently lives on my post-it notes:

What I’m watching:

My Octopus Teacher. I watched this documentary twice in one week. Today described it as ’the antidote to our pandemic year’, and it is.

What I’m reading:

The Humans, a Novel. A big warm cuddle of a novel. Matt Haig describes the weirdness of humans through the eyes of an alien. The book is filled with funny and gripping insights on human concepts like free will, love and logic.

What keeps me sane:

KIWIs. (Not the fruit. Well the fruit is nice too.) I am currently using Heron, a goal tracking app that also teaches you to stick to your KIWIs (Key Wellness Indicators).

KIWIs are behaviors that we do as part of a balanced everyday life, but that we drop when we are under stress. My KIWIs are going to bed at 10pm, going outside for at least 30 minutes a day and doing my online workout with Adrienne (the karateka, not the yogini). Let me know what yours are!

Who inspires me:

Magdalena Pire Schmidt. The founder of the aforementioned Heron app, and an all-round radiant and wise human being. I’m currently preparing the WOMEN’S HUB session of April 28th with her, and she blew me away with her insights on how our roots and ancestors can be an infinite source of innovation and creativity. If you want to know more, join us on the 28th.

What I’m creating:

Lead Your Way. My latest baby, that was significantly easier to birth than my two daughters ;)

This month, I’m launching this 1:1 coaching program for women leaders who feel like their current way of leading is draining them, but don’t know how to change that.

The program is based on my work with leaders in Silicon Valley, and is designed to help you find and implement a leadership style that fits you like a glove, so that you’re more effective and energetic at work.

For the first ten participants, I am offering a huge discount in return for feedback on the program. Schedule a free sample coaching session to experience my coaching style, and get some fresh insights that you can apply the very next day.

All right, that was it for now!

I love hearing from you. Please inspire me with your KIWIs, stories about your ancestors, books you’ve loved - anything goes! And let me know how you enjoyed this very first two-minute treat.


(nope, that’s not my actual handwriting. but doesn’t it look lovely?)

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