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How do you turn something into a habit?

My favorite strategy is to proudly announce that I’m going to do something, without fully foreseeing the consequences of it.

What you’re currently reading is a great example of that.

Two weeks ago I realized that I wanted to share things that inspire me with a group of lovely people, and before I knew it I committed to writing this biweekly 2-minute treat for you.

And you know what? As long as I don’t go into overthinking mode (see “what I love asking people'“ below), I love my new habit! Whenever I read, see or do something that inspires me, it excites me that I now have an outlet to share it. I even fantasize about 80-year-old me skimming through a huge catalogue of these little emails, all filled with things I love.

So here we go again… part 2 of hopefully many 2-minute treats to come:


One of the side effects of the pandemic is that I spend way more time in my head than is healthy for me. It’s almost like I forget that there is more to me than just my brain.

A short getaway with my husband allowed me to drop back into my body. And ohhh do I like it there! All of a sudden, I was hyper aware of all my senses. I saw the beautiful mountains, noticed the Föhn wind playing with my hair, tasted the crunchy ciabatta we had for lunch, and felt my husband's hand in mine, and my love for him in my heart.

In my coaching practice, I often help my clients reconnect with their bodies. Bessel van der Kolk’s brilliant (but loooong) book ‘The Body Keeps The Score’ describes in detail why this is so important. If you’re not in the mood for a 450+ page book, check out this podcast instead.


For quite a few of my coaching clients, their perfectionism is getting in the way of their performance at work. When they feel overwhelmed by their tasks, they start obsessing about details and lose track of what really matters.

So I asked them a question I found in You are Badass: ‘What can you get away with?’ and it changed everything for them.

By doing what felt like the bare minimum for them, they were able to satisfy their clients and colleagues, and have more time for things that really mattered to them.

Did that sound borderline cheap commercial?🤔 Here’s a little video where I explain it a bit more gracefully.


Did you know I used to play the clarinet? I did. Until I became a too-cool-for-school teenager.

I recently had my clarinet refurbished, but my daughter only lets me play Frozen songs on it.

I aspire to play Hang on Little Tomato this effortlessly. That lightness, that timing, that intonation. Sigh...😍


I love how Kaouthar Darmoni is unapologetically feminine. She leads a Very Serious Institute on Gender Equality, where she (pre-covid) embarrassed the hell out of her sciency colleagues by hugging them mid-meeting and dancing through the hallway.

Check out her TED talk called Thank God for our Vagina on her bold dream of the matriarchal and patriarchal finally coming together.


I recently launched Lead Your Way, a coaching program for women whose overachiever tendencies are getting in the way of their success, health and happiness.

For the first ten participants, I am offering a huge (75%) discount in return for feedback on the program.

Curious? Schedule a free sample coaching session to experience my approach to coaching, and get some fresh insights that will already change the way you approach work the next day!

(OK, I admit there was no real reason to add such a massive image here. But I love this picture that Francisco took of me so much and I use it so little, and I was looking for an excuse to try Canva. Tips & tricks on that are welcome 😉)


As always (do I get to say ‘as always’ in the second 2-minute treat? I guess so) let me know what you think, feel and dream!


P.S. You would think I’m done with Zoom sessions by now, right?

Honestly, I am beyond excited to open up my laptop for the upcoming WOMEN’S HUB LOVE sessions on Wednesday April 21 & 28 and May 5 and May 19 🤓💻❤️ We’ve got quite an amazing line-up, and the level of much-needed intimacy during the sessions keeps amazing me. Check them out here.

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