Hello there! We (Shea and Raan) love working with retailers like you, and so from time to time, we pass along testimonials from happy wholesale partners who have found effective ways to sell their bags fast. Today, we want to share one specific testimonial story from Beth, a wholesale partner who has sold over 475 bags at the Dallas Farmers Market. We realize that the 50-unit minimum for buying wholesale market bags can feel daunting at first — but 50 units can actually sell way faster than you might guess, which is what Beth found out when she first began stocking the customized market bag:
apolis wholesale
“We ordered our first 50 bags with hesitation. It was a big investment. We are now on our 3rd order with a quantity count of 150…

- Beth
When it comes to visual merchandising tips, Beth shared: "This weekend we brought out 20 to put on display. We sold 11 bags." That fits with what we've heard from other retailers, that these bags catch the eyes of passersby and motivate sales.
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P.S. If you have a testimonial story or effective merchandising tip we could share, we’d love to hear it! And, if you have any last-minute wholesale needs, just let us know and we’ll get it to you ASAP!
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