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Campus Changes: A backyard update

Normally, at this time of year, our concerns about the backyard all have to do with MUD, MUD, and more MUD. This year, although we've certainly spent plenty of time debating ways to mitigate the mess, we're also a little preoccupied with a bigger yard problem.

As many of you have heard, the church next door recently informed us that, come September, they will not be renewing our lease of four-tenths of an acre of land on the southern edge of the backyard. The leased portion accounts for about 20% of the school's campus, and contains the sandbox, the tetherball pole, and valuable Capture the Flag territory (among other things). The church is planning construction of a gymnasium, and their plans call for a steep grade. The earth-moving will likely mean the loss of all or many of the trees on that side of the yard.

In order to prepare for the loss, School Meeting has created an ad hoc Backyard Loss Mitigation Committee to consider what physical changes to make to the yard, and an ad hoc Property Search Committee to explore possibilities for campus relocation. 

The Property Search Committee has been scouring Google Maps for swaths of vacant land near the current location -- the school's in prime territory right now, within reach of the buses of a dozen different school districts, and a move too far in any direction would mean someone would lose bus service. Though no offers have been made, members of the committee report having found some exciting prospects, including plots with creeks, real woods, and room for a beautiful new building perfectly suited to our needs.

Meanwhile, back on campus, the Backyard Loss Mitigation Committee sponsored a motion to temporarily close the affected portion of the yard to get a better sense of what it will feel like in the fall, and last Friday JD strung up caution tape to do just that. The effect is dramatic indeed.

In a bittersweet turn, a group calling themselves the "Tree Club" is working on saving cuttings from some of the threatened trees, and has received funds from School Meeting to advance the cause.

When made real with fence posts and caution tape highlighting exactly what will be gone, the loss is striking -- but the community is abuzz with talk about what can be done. Things are afoot. Stay tuned, get involved, and swing by between now and March 28th if you want to see those posts and tape.

Do You Scrip?

Shop With Scrip is an easy way to support The Circle School with dollars you're already spending.

"Scrip" is gift cards, plain and simple. Just the same as what you'd buy from the store itself. They're available for Giant, Amazon, Wal-Mart, and hundreds of other retailers, and when you purchase them at face value, the retailer donates some percentage of your purchase to The Circle School. You can use the cards for regular household shopping, or for special purchases and gifts.

Giant, for example, offers a 4% rebate, so for every hundred dollars you spend at the grocery store, The Circle School receives four dollars. This can add up quickly!

You can choose whether to have the full amount of your rebates donated to The Circle School, or you can designate to have up to 50% of them applied to a tuition account. Grandparents can support both the school and their grandchildren at the same time. Long-distance family and friends can use ScripNow!, an electronic gift card program, to purchase gift cards for Amazon, HomeDepot, and more, and have the gift card code delivered to their email within minutes.

To participate in the Shop with Scrip program, go to ShopWithScrip.com to create an account, and enter The Circle School's enrollment code 2A477F8L23925 when prompted.

Giant cards are also available in the school office, no account required!

What Would You Like to Read?

Julia wants to know...

We're only on issue two here, so maybe it's okay that I haven't quite got the swing of this newsletter thing yet. But I suspect it'll continue to be a challenge, and I'm interested in your thoughts.

Unlike many school newsletters, I'm not comfortable reporting on the awesome activities we're planning for the kids (we're not), or the awesome things they're doing themselves (that's their business). You might say then, well, Julia, if you're not going to tell us about the really interesting things happening at school, why bother having a newsletter at all?

The answer is, I want to keep in touch with you. I want you to have a sense of the school as part of your world, and I very much want the school to have a sense of you as part of its world. Yes, day-to-day life at school is a little insular in some respects, but in others it's extremely transparent to the larger world, and the more you all are part of that transparency, the richer our program.

So tell me -- what are you interested in hearing about? What helps you feel connected to The Circle School? Email me, please (julia@circleschool.org), or give me a call (717-564-6700).


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